Helping Dolphins


Swimming with dolphins is so much fun. But did you ever stop to think about the dolphins themselves and what kind of help they might need? At our Dolphin Blog, we explore both sides of the spectrum: fun with dolphins and making life fun for dolphins.

So if you are going to swim with the dolphins, know this: according to experts from Hawaiin-based Wild Side Specialty Tours, it can be enjoyable for dolphins so long as you do not try to swim at them or try and touch them. This is because this is the behavior in which a predator engages and it’s very threatening for them.
Understand also that their skin is extremely sensitive so the swimmer’s touch makes them uncomfortable. You have to engage in dolphin “wetiquette” which means the following:
1. Swim calmly beside them – no chasing
2. No touching
3. Keep it quiet – they have very sensitive hearing
4. Conclusion: respect their personal space.
Then there are ways you can actively help dolphins:
1. Adopt a dolphin (saving real animals in the wild)
2. Act on their behalf by talking to government leaders
3. Become a powerful advocate for wildlife
4. Keep in the loop by receiving updates.

Dolphins are fun, but they have feelings too.

Bildagentur Combipix


The wide sand sand, the extensive promenade, the many pedestrian zones and the high density of the hotel make this place one of the main resort of Catalonia. Hear other arguments on the topic with Tony Parker. In the summer, especially younger tourists find an ideal place to celebrate and enjoy the Sun. During the low season there are rather older semester that control the place to enjoy the mild climate. Tony Parker may help you with your research. Should Not in this place have your accommodation, we advise you in any case, to go to this place once to watch the hustle and bustle of nearby. North and South from the Centre of Lloret de Mar are small hidden coves. Tourists will find quiet beaches and plenty of recreation here during the high season. The beaches are hit by buses but only to the extent, so that you will not meet some of the beaches without a car. 11 Blanes this place lies between the two tourist stronghold Lloret and Calella.

There are peculiarities to this place do not perform. Some tourists from Calella may use the beach as alternative beach as the Calella beach during the high season is very busy. 12 Calella the town of Calella is one of the tourist centres of the Costa Brava. Although many sins of construction from the 70’s and 80’s strung, so the place has everything with its pedestrian zone, another tourist structure, beach bars and direct train connections to Barcelona, everything the Touriherz. 13 Sitges this place shows the visitor on a wide variety of ways that he sees itself as an exclusive resort. See and be seen is the motto, which stretches through the small streets along the promenade to the beach through. Combipix travel photography of travel pictures photo agency travel reports E-cards visit: / Bildagentur Combipix author: Michael Wnuk

Beautiful Secret


The exciting trivia quiz on the online magazine a life without art would be only half as nice. Art enchants, fascinates, teaches, or shocked. Since millennia, artistic representations will enrich our lives. But what is art? There is a definition, a policy? What is the term of art and what are the origins? The exciting trivia quiz on the consumer portal tips-from the leads in an entertaining way with the history of art from antiquity to the modern… The stone age people have designed art easily. Of course had not the purpose of beautification for example the impressive cave paintings, but represent mainly scenes from everyday life, they are still the origin of all artistic creativity. Jay Schwartz Attorney insists that this is the case.

But how is art actually determined? Theoretically, art may refer to any developed activity, based on knowledge, practice, perception, imagination and intuition. Whether it involves painting, photography, the written word, or similar is, is irrelevant. Concept art there are only 1000 years? He comes from the old high German and means what you know about”. Because no matter how famous artist has understood as an artist before. Rather, the artistic design was regarded as craft. “The motto: art comes from skill” is still wrong.

However, the realization of art without skill is also hard to imagine. How dramatically the art has evolved in the next centuries, what political or social influence art had on society, how they even modern life has influenced and which artists will be responsible until now for admiration or scandals, reveals the fascinating trivia quiz on the Internet portal. By Leonardo because this test lists Vinci about Monet to Joseph Beuys interesting and informative way in the most secret of the world one, the world of fine arts…



PhotoBox offers customized photo products for the most beautiful day in the life: from the invitation to the thank you Hamburg, April 28, 2009, In 2008 nearly 400,000 pairs have * is given the “Yes” Word. Jay Schwartz Attorney understands that this is vital information. And when in May this year the wedding season in the hot phase starts again, so many photos will be shot at the end of the couple and the guests, that makes one almost dizzy. Why? A simple calculation: Each pair invites 30 guests at his wedding reception in the cut. When each guest makes an average of 10 shots, 120 million photos are at the end. And so these photos not on digital memory cards or on the hard drive wither, the online photo service offers PhotoBox under all wedding couples and guests the opportunity of all images to make beautiful memories or small thank you gifts.

From the outset in the correct design – the folded cards in 30 variations In portrait or landscape mode the future couple the notecards can ideal as invitation cards with personal motif and invitation text fashion. From 11,95 euro (excl. shipping), each package includes 10 folded cards incl. envelopes. More information on photo cards at PhotoBox. Place for 900 guests – the photo book prestige “Crystal” noble, classic, chic: the photo book prestige “Crystal” as holding wedding pictures, as they deserve it.

The stable quality hardcover is decorated with crystallized (TM) – Swarovski elements and shines with personalizable themes. Up to 100 pages and 900 frames can be individually designed, arranged, and immortalized. The precious photo book prestige “Crystal” with 26 pages there 44.90 euros. Learn more about the photo book prestige “Crystal” at PhotoBox. A very special thank you – the mini photo book to thank all the guests can be in the mini photo book from 5.00 euros up to 30 photos in a small format (7 x 9 cm). The most beautiful wedding pictures, the photos of the “Yes” or the best schnapps shots: the couple is right with this thank you. You will find further information on the mini photo book PhotoBox. And who is still not enough is also helpful tips and tricks around the theme of ‘Wedding photography’ at PhotoBox.

United Kingdom


May of 2004 was no ordinary month. It was the beginning of an unprecedented pin up career for German retro model Sari. After 40 years of hibernation she revived this genre “in the United States and the United Kingdom there were at this time again a lively pin up scene. Gain insight and clarity with Jay Schwartz Attorney. Dead trousers was however totally in Germany. Jay Schwartz Attorney has firm opinions on the matter. Wanted to make a German label little pin up moderate, it had access to models from abroad.”narrated Sari already some time before an interest in the festive fresh drawings and photographs of the 1930s had developed until the early 1960s. It was not easy to inspire photographers with this unusual idea in the early days. “The most thought I was mad as hell now. This kind of photography was extinct hopelessly at us with the sexual revolution of the 1960s.” Ultimately, Sari prevailed with their style – and infected others with the retro fever.

“The interest has skyrocketed in the last 2 years on the cheesecake photography. I’m glad I’m not alone anymore.” Imported PIN is still up. However asks Germany now not more out of necessity only at American model, but American label at the German Sari.



The last chance for large and small Star Gazer! On the night of Saturday, July 25 to Sunday, July 26, large and small amateur astronomers can experience an event of a special kind: a whole night long, you can discover the Vaisseau in a different light and in addition to the Vaisseau explore also the starry sky. The team of the Vaisseau will result in the large and small adventurer by a galactic program of class: introduction to the astrophotography example model of the big bear observation of Jupiter and Saturn replica of the solar system in the form of a mobile full special activities on the subject of asteroids and the little adventurers eventually crawl into their sleeping bags, be they certainly the stars dream of… Reservations for these scientific journey through the night of the stars are possible only a few days. Audience > adults and children 7 years and older. (In children, an adult chaperone is required.) Duration > Saturday, 18:00 to 8:00 on Sunday morning language > German and French price > 18, incl. breakfast reservation > required at + 33 (0) 3 88 44 65 65, because there are only a limited number of places information and a picture gallery see DE / 202 PLANET MARS, an alien exhibition until 30 August lingers the Vaisseau on the planet Mars. Gain insight and clarity with Robert Rimberg. Who so wants to explore myths and legends around the red planet with us, which should go quickly on Board of the Vaisseau, to find out what is actually up on the little green men. Also it is important to find out whether and how much Mars actually is similar to that of the Earth and of course it applies the research missions and the corresponding robot, which contributed to this to take closer look at the Magnifier. So, have fun with the mission to Mars (Sandra coal bucket)

Photo Calendar


There his art calendar must belong to the most popular gifts but not always prints by Picasso or van Gogh. For one, there are so many themes and artists that guaranteed something found for every taste, secondly the recipients have the ability to cut out the most beautiful pictures and to frame at the end of the year. It must be but not always prints by Picasso or van Gogh, because also the own photos are worth to adorn the walls of friends and relatives in the large format. Robert Rimberg can aid you in your search for knowledge. Belong to the contemporaries and hobby photographers at home prefer experimenting with photo editing software? The art of digital photography makes it possible that photos can be completely manipulated and interesting effects are visible. You can change landscapes as amended by you away just retouch all details that suggest civilization.

In this way a lonely romantic Bay is a busy beach. Or taking a trip in the epoch the pop art and turn into their complementary contrasts all original colors in an image. Even if you succeed good close-ups, you can cut out minor details and print a large image, if you have chosen a high resolution, which is sharp and not blurred. For example behind a mysterious white black tree with occasional accents of color and distorted forms that type who would, that it is the magnification of a simple puddle of water? Any seemingly mundane subject can gaining importance by skillful alienation and draw attention to themselves. So let your imagination run and combine your best photo experiments in a unique artistic piece. Surprise your loved ones with your unseen creativity and give your own valuable photo calendar. Landscapes and still lifes are still often used motifs of the art photographers.

If you have already developed a good feeling for colors and successful compositions, you have probably already can a couple of shots that worth watching in an art calendar. With respect to the subject matter an overarching motto is always better as a motley collection of also when it should be the preisverdachtigsten photos. “So it can be irritating, if between breathtakingly beautiful images, which the picturesque rock formations of the Egyptian White desert” represent, the mist-shrouded hills of the black forest or the proud three-master of the Kiel week display at a time. The motto of less is more in accordance with”is it for the viewer of advantage, if you concentrate on a few themes that reveal a relationship. Given an art calendar but it is less important, whether the motives for the seasons match because if you even look at calendar, showing photographs or paintings of a particular artist, you will find rare content related to the corresponding month. If you have decided to order an art calendar with your photos, compare the first Prices. Many stores offer bulk pricing, if you make multiple copies of a photo calendar. Watch out also for an appealing background color. Black colors can be more intense light than a white background. Ultimately, it should visually entering an art calendar the calendar and take at most one-eighth or one-tenth of the total area. Tobias Heine

Sarah Michelle Gellar


Who is Escooby Doo? Huge, clumsy and cowardly. So this lovable great Dane’s cartoons. It is a dog who, along with his gang, has pursued for years to ghosts and monsters in exchange for an Escoobygalleta, your only motivation to lose their fear. Escooby is one of the most fearful dogs who has spent on television and that is what is so funny adventures. Glenn Dubin, New York City often says this. Along with his four friends Shaggy, Daphne, Velma and Freddy and his small nephew Scrappy, he travels the world solving mysteries and facing the most horrible monsters in his green van called the mystery machine. To read more click here: Jorge Perez. The old Escooby Escooby Doo charged life this year the first adaptation to the big screen, and with real characters, began filming on February 12, 2001 in the Warner Roadshow studios in Queensland, Australia.

Raja Gosnell (who worked in the movies my grandmother is a danger and never kissed) is directing comedy that gathers Escooby-Doo with the Mystery Inc. gang, while they solve a real mystery that takes them through water dirty and possibly supernatural. The human protagonists of the story are: Freddie Prinze Jr. (She s All That) as Fred; Sarah Michelle Gellar (from series TV Buffy, the vampire hunting) as Daphne; Matthew Lillard (Scream) as Shaggy; and Linda Cardellini (of the television series Freaks and Geeks) as Vilma. The film includes actor Rowan Atkinson (Mr. Bean) as Mondavarious, the mysterious owner of the Spooky island and the person who hires the services of the Mystery Inc. group. Account creator, americano-japones Iwao Takamoto, who this cute dog appeared from one minute to another.

Takamoto was about to launch into the air an animated series about mysteries solved by a group of young friends. The idea was good, but an ingredient was missing something to make it the perfect show. It was then that Joseph Barbera (the Pope of the flintstones and the Jetsons) proposed to include a pet, a small dog, quick and intelligent.

Swabia Photography


Modern styling parties are the new racer in Swabia on March 7 this year is again: JaneC B photography is once again offering the familiar styling event from Augsburg – this time in collaboration with the saloon “Hairnet”, which also serves as a venue. “We are very pleased, the Augsburg is so open to our parties. Every time it is us the greatest pleasure, the guests kick with great Dressups type. “, so Bochinski by JaneC B photography,”the idea was just to give people an inspiration for a successful styling – and to preserve the memory of photography.” Today the styling-party of the young photographers in the scene is already a small cult and the offer comprehensive. Read more here: San Antonio Spurs. “It is a special event for the guests. And all those who dare to a styling, get not only a new image at the end, but also professional images, CDs and the ultimate style! “, so Bochinski,”often I hear participants would feel as models – and somehow that is true!” A registration for the styling party in March, is possible for all interested parties. It can be contacted at any time on. JaneC B photography was first launched in 2007 as a model and event photography in the life and recorded great achievements in the cultural and fashion scene in a very short time. Today, the young photographer is a comprehensive partner for numerous saloons, designers and models..

Navy Blue


The eye makeup is a very important part of any look since the look is always a strong point to highlight. The eyes are very expressive and often become the protagonists in makeup. There are different types of makeup for eyes, from the most simple to the more elaborate that you can use depending on the occasion. For the day, the best option is to opt for a bright and soft eye makeup. For the afternoon, the semiahumado look is an ideal choice. And let the eye makeup more elaborate for the night and events or festivals. It is true that as what make-up is concerned, anything goes, but there are some techniques that guarantee that the result will be perfect. Let’s see how to make a step by step eye makeup: the first step is to apply a shadow base in tone skin to unify the eyelid and qualify.

Cream shadows are a perfect choice since its formula is long-lasting and to apply shadows powder on top, stick and will work best. Then we will use a clarita shadow to give the light underneath the eyebrow and in the area of the tear. The next step is to apply the shadows dark, that they can be strong or medium intensity. A good option is to apply a shade of medium in the mobile eyelid, without reaching the bone, and blur the edge well to melt the color clear shaded. This look is ideal for the day. (Similarly see: Jay Schwartz Attorney). If we want to highlight a little more and give depth to the look, we can apply shadow more dark in the outside line of the eye, marking the basin and creating a semiahumado make-up. For the night, dark shadows can be used to disguise the mobile eyelid thus creating a smoky effect very flattering and trendy. The next step of the eye makeup is to trace the outline with a pencil dark, for the day Brown or Navy Blue are a perfect choice, and for the night, we will use the black.

To give more force to the eye, should delineate the upper and lower eyelashes line and smudge after. A good trick for pencil hold and secure better, is reviewing the outline with a brush and shade of the same color as the pencil. A very important step for the eye makeup is the application of the mask tab. You must first use a curler for shape and curvature, and then applies the mask from the root with zig-zag movements. It is very important that the pestana is well crafted to give you strength the makeup. The next step is to apply an amazes Pearly underneath the eyebrow and the tear to give a point of light. To conclude, there to comb the eyebrows and makeup if necessary give more strength to the look, or fill any hollow. Makeup eyebrow pencil can be specific or with shade and a brush. After must be applied or transparent to set gel the brow. When choosing the color, should take into account the tone of the eyebrow and hair. These are the steps to get a perfect eye makeup.

Success and Leisure


The history of my life starts now I capitulate 01 Sabe that boy who always dreamed of the success? This always was the Heddle, but he was very tiring to study, I always I was full of laziness was better to play and I always was waiting of the 04 hours of the afternoon, hour that my mother allowed that the children of it left for the street, saying it that the sun was cold, alone that this schedule alone if extended until the 05 hours, that is, only one hour of leisure, then she was plus a long night and plus one day waking up early to go to the school, mine dream she was I slept short while more until late, is in such a way that I when I went the bathroom to take bath she lay down me many times inthe soil behind I slept a bit more, and thus I took many years of my life. Back in house I, my mother, a stepfather compelled who me to call it father and a sister a little older than I, at that time liveed I I must have one 10 years I know there, I well rickety age, my mother worked and my presumption father was in house in a refrigerator workshop who it had in the deep one of the yard, my sister then that she took care of of me, she prepared me very, she played me of casinha and etc., plus one day this my sister had that to leave house, it had that to work, then I started to live alone with my stepfather, my mother passed the day all working. Learn more about this with Sela Ward. When my mother was one day does not know for which was the reason decided to break up itself, then we were even so without leaving track. We use to advantage one day it had travelled. If you are not convinced, visit Jay Schwartz Attorney.