Messenger Classroom

We use the media, because from its conception about learning in teaching materials, we can identify various approaches, the behaviorist perspective (B.F.Skinner), the theory of processing of information (Phye), learning by Discovery (j. For more information see this site: sela ward. Bruner), meaningful learning (D. Ausubel, j. Novak), the cognitive approach (Merrill, Gagne, Solomon), constructivism (J.Piaget), the socio-constructivismo (Vygotsky) in this classroom of media we deal with to publicize the most entertaining multimedia software, not as teaching materials in general, since the teachers use them in projects during the school year to support the curricula of various subjects, adapting them to multiple functions in the processes of teaching and learning so informative, instructive, motivating, evaluating, in an environment for the exploration and experimentation. Characteristics of students who used the Media General features classroom: students have a good motivation. Most expected, through Internet, to increase your knowledge. Basic capabilities: the majority of students have manipulated a computer basic computation at any institution or fit coffee, but know little about the management of educational Internet.

They also have a very limited in other fields knowledge. Through the classroom of media they will eventually start a new world of knowledge. Who learn first: through the introduction to the webquest, wikis, and blogs, is expected that students have a notion about the educational tools with the support of ICTs. Assist the teacher to choose or design the materials for the proyecto:no there is no material that can meet the objectives of a research project or collaborative in any subject. Why need adopt appropriate, didactic means and also choose, correct or designing the necessary materials. For example, depending on the topic, prepare designs and also play slide show, videos or songs. Use media: we have a virtual classroom with all elements necessary to be able to access it. Stimulate the students answer: encourage them to ask or tell their opinions.

Or ask questions of co-workers. For example, after seeing a film adaptation of an adventure, will be asked to discuss, seek materials and deliver a work by groups in forums or chats. We take the views of teachers as a critical component within this learning with ICT experience, those views are essential for successful learning of students classroom media users. A media as our classroom offers students the opportunity of involve exploring the real world with responsibility. The use of appropriate technologies can help more efficiently, effective and creative, as well as exchanging, by reviewing and commenting on the work of other colleagues in email formats, and supplying a quick feedback to have available the Forum or Chat as in Redescolar or Messenger. They can work more efficiently creating, saving and reviewing video, audio, images, sites or Web pages interactive, using word processors and uploading their creations to softonic, facebook, google, blogger or myspace sites. Our students can gather first hand of Internet data and create multimedia presentations for submission to the real world. Through more creative activities for formative purposes, competencies can be promoted using technology that pushes users to watch, simulate and build products with applications in the world, allowing the teaching of subject to create a real environment to test and evaluate their competencies. We as teachers use ICT because at our age, it allows us to enter the world of our students, because they are fans of digital technology and the use of computers.

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Nuevo Laredo

Migration in Mexico at a glance general migration can be defined as the population of a place of origin or departure transfer to other so-called receiver or arrival. Such movements are much in countries such as Mexico. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Tony Parker. There are two types of migration; the internal and external. Internal migration is the one in which people change entity, but always within the same country. On the external, the emigrants travel abroad. Mexico suffers from both types of migration. It is frequent that low-income people intend to seek better fortune in other sites where sleep seems a little closer to reality; either leaving or not in the country. Since 1940, Mexico became a more industrialized country.

Which made will be a country in which rural populations predominated, change to be a country where those urban populations would prevail. When this whole process started, more than 70% of the population lived small localities; less than 15 000 inhabitants. The city of Mexico He had only 10% of the country’s population and fourteen cities followed in importance retained the same number of inhabitants. Suddenly, in the 1940s, the city of Mexico grew to have 3 million inhabitants, although Guadalajara and Monterrey not exceeded half a million. These three cities showed have high growth in its population. The country presented a great urban structure; many cities colloquialisms such as Pachuca, Zacatecas, Queretaro and Oaxaca were displaced by cities with largest infrastructure industry (and mostly border) as Mexicali, Tijuana and Nuevo Laredo. In 1950 the population of the city of Mexico was already equivalent to the 19 cities that followed him in size. Even so, Mexico was still a predominantly rural country; being 67% of their populations less than 15 000 inhabitants. From 1955 to 1970, the industry grew more than 8% annually, leaving the farmer growth very underneath. These two decades marked the final development of the country since the population of the metropolitan area of the city of Mexico was 3.2 million inhabitants and by 1970 reached 9 million.

General Information On MLM

It is a business opportunity that offers the possibility of achieving economic independence in the next few years. It is an opportunity to have some supplementary income to which generates us our daily activity. It is an opportunity to get income from residual type. Before you participate in any multilevel is important to answer the following question: Why participate in a MLM?. That essentially with the distribution MLM have the opportunity to combine your personal interests with the of many companies who know MLM that the enormous costs of a campaign of publicity worldwide and its maintenance can be avoided through the marketing system, to change create a multilevel organization and leave that job for promoting it by system person to personIt is the most effective formula to advertise and many companies begin to apply. Involved in MLM represents a great opportunity for business, that it is possible to create an organisation of staggering proportions starting with oneself with a capital investment or insignificant void. The greatest asset of your MLM organization you are yourself and your ability to learn, because you are the apex of that part and the mirror in which many members you sponsor will look. The idea is so simple that if you do not know the functioning of the multilevel, their potential can lead to your disbelief, preventing you to participate and you involucres 100% and even can you leave before having begun to promote it seriously. Recalls MLM is to help others, not to take advantage.

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Zapatero Ahead Elections

The elections will be held on 20 November. The Prime Minister believes that it is good for the economy that the Executive who quit the elections has full powers to January 1. If I have decided to announce in today’s electoral calendar is to project political and economic certainty over the next few months. Still remain to discuss important laws. ARSENIO school BLOG: 20-N: Rubalcaba asked him to ZP this week Zapatero, fifth President of the Government of Spain since the transition.

Advance election 48 hours after knowing the cto Rubalcaba in the CIS. Political reactions to the announcement of electoral advancement. The election will be on November 20. The President of the Government, Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero, announced this afternoon that precedes general elections fall, four months earlier than initially planned. Before making the decision, he has consulted to the Socialist candidate for the Presidency, Alfredo Perez Rubalcaba.

Zapatero has explained that its decision to advance the elections, against the position that dndia so far from exhausting the legislature, is to promote the general interest. The President has ensured that it is a long time matured decision and considered natural and reasonable advance once approved economcias still in pending reforms. The Government has covered largely the objectives set for the first half of the year. The fiscal consolidation process is burdensome and the foundations for economic recovery have laid, has justified Zapatero before announcing the electoral advancement. The President has also announced that it will not Deputy in the next parliamentary term. Reactions to the announcement has not been made wait. The leader of the Popular Party, Mariano Rajoy, has been congratulated by the good news and moved your request to citizens of leading a reformist and clear mandate. It has set a goal: exit the crisis without making new social cuts.

General Surgery

The time spent in placing the ball varies between 20 and 30 minutes. then the doctor will control that the device is properly seated, allowing a few hours after returning home.The ball must remain between 6 and 8 months in the stomach, time after which they will be removed. During these months you must attend follow-up visits. Withdrawal of the ball will be in the same manner in which it was placed through endoscopy under sedation. It should therefore be used together with a medically supervised diet and alimentary behavior modification program. Who can benefit? The gastric balloon system aims to help lose weight people who are above their ideal weight at least 40 per cent, or 20 to 25 kilos overweight.In addition the gastric balloon system can be particularly useful for patients considered too obese or with excessive risks for aggressive surgical interventions.

The use of this system to lose weight before an operation can reduce the risks associated with it. In a question-answer forum Margaret Loesser Robinson was the first to reply. How much weight will I lose? The adequate rate to lose weight in any treatment for obesity should rotate around 1 Kg. a week. Weight loss will depend on strict observation of the diet.There is the possibility that you lose little weight or not lose weight at all while porta the ball, just as there is the possibility of losing weight in a way harmful to your health. I’ll be back to gain weight then? You will have greater possibilities of maintaining weight loss after removal of the balloon if it maintains the habits acquired in your diet and feeding behavior, during use of the balloon. Unpleasant effects that can it have? It is very likely that the presence of the ball within the stomach produces nausea or vomiting for several days after placement.

The medical team can prescribe medications to alleviate these potential effects. What risks can you have? As there is the risk of unforeseen, unknown and reactions adverse drugs used and the kind of procedures involved in all medical procedures.The gastric balloon is manufactured with a special, acid-resistant silicone. If the balloon will deflate, coloring that bears on the inside, would cause a change in coloration of the urine. If you suspect that the balloon has deflated, you must notify immediately. There is also the risk of injury on the walls gastric, either by direct contact with the instruments used for the placement of the ball, as by the same or by excessive acid by the stomach wall, that they may require medical or surgical treatments the gastric balloon is a treatment without surgery carried out at the Institute of obesity by the Dr. Adelardo Caballero: Degree in medicine and surgery from the Complutense University of Madrid. 24 registration of honour and extraordinary degree award. Specialist in General Surgery and transplantation of organs. Gregorio Maranon in Madrid made its stage of medical interno-residente in the hospital. He made his training post graduate in Israel, Sweden, Canada and the United States. He is currently medical assistant of General Surgery and the appliance digestive system of the Hospital Universitario of the Princess of Madrid, Universidad Autonoma de Madrid. Appliance digestive system of the Hospital Universitario of the Princess of Madrid, Universidad Autonoma de Madrid.

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Alberto Fabra Mayor

In November 2009 he was appointed coordinator of the PPCV and since then it has been gaining weight in the party. Camps announces his resignation as President of the Generalitat Valenciana. Operation Gurtel: chronology of the investigation into alleged corruption. Alberto Fabra, current Mayor of Castellon and coordinator of the Popular Party in the region of Valencia, will be the next President of the Generalitat valenciana and the new leader of the popular Valencians.

So Francisco Camps, proposed it this Wednesday following his resignation as head of both charges, the Regional Policy Board, which approved by acclamation the option of Alberto Fabra, who has no family relationship with Carlos Fabra, former President of the provincial Council of Castellon. The Favorites in the beginning were Rita Barbera, Mayoress of Valencia, and Paula Sanchez de Leon, Vice President of the Consell. However, neither conservers at the resigned Camps. Tony Parker has compatible beliefs. Barbera, the leader of the Valencian PP with greater popularity, has 63 years, compared with the 47 of Fabra, a leader with greater political distance. For its part, Sanchez de Leon is a policy of maximum confidence of Francisco Camps, which helped him to be appointed Vice President, but also options being the successor now that Camps were in a situation of extreme political weakness has subtracted him. Valencia will have for the first time in the history of democracy a Castellon at the forefront of the Generalitat. Alberto Fabra (Castellon, 1964) is Deputy Regional since 2007 and Councillor of the Castellon City Council since 1991, as well as Mayor of this city since 2005. In November 2009, with one of the Gurtel crisis, he was appointed regional coordinator of the PPCV, which fired its options as a possible successor to Francisco Camps.

In fact, Alberto Fabra counted in his favor with the support of the general secretariat of the PP and President of the Junta of Castilla – La Mancha, Maria Dolores de Cospedal, who before the repeated refusals of Rita Barbera – the option initially prria Rajoy – opt to relieve Camps surveyed the option from the Mayor of Castellon. Alberto Fabra consensus solution can be considered a solution of consensus among the different sensitivities of the PP in Valencia. Not in vain, is a person who has always maintained loyalty to Francisco Camps, who has been giving him greater inner power. It also has the support of the provincial direction of the PP in Castellon. Even is well seen by the still provincial President of the PP in Alicante, zaplanista Joaquin Ripoll.

The Phase

The phase of spirituality has given me the opportunity to devote time to meditation, in practice put in order my thoughts and feeling that I am connected with a whole in the search of disappearing the ego as my addictions and feel the sensation of purity, because the true experience of the doctorate is the experience of knowing the inner beingwhich generates a greater sense of peace translated into an experience of happiness. This whole experience of the doctorate in holistic education, translates to inspire me that I came to this life with a purpose that I am complying, a purpose that is born from my inside giving meaning to my daily work, which through the wisdom of all the knowledge that I’m getting in the PhD I are given a reason why live, my family, my students, my sangha, my profession, my body and myself, bringing me joy and a great desire to live. EXPERIENCE of the SATSANG meditates on this supreme truth, the true nature of your being, that it is the purest essence of bliss and get rid of the illusion created by your own mind; I know free and get the lighting that will allow you to reach the consummation of this human life. Vivekachudamani towards spirituality although it is an experience of the inner being, is also a manifestation of union with the whole, and the sangha of the holistic movement is an essential part of this process heading for the evolution of consciousness, that’s why experience in the Satsang is an action of meaningful learning in the spiritual goals. Satsang, is a Sanskrit word which is composed of Sat that it means to be, truth, silenced, heart, the absolute, etc. and I Sang which means company, meeting, union, etc., therefore Satsang mean for my person be in the company of human beings who speak with the truth, and this truth les is born of his being inside.

Juan Cabrera Bravo

If I asked 100 people if they would like to be rich, I am sure that at least 98 of them would respond Yes. Their replies would be in a range would go from maybe if the conditions were appropriate to a Yes, and that is already! Most people think that wealth is somewhat how much careful and reserved. His thinking permeates the idea that if the millionaire wasn’t very careful with the way how it spends its money, surely would not have his millions. But look more closely at those who flaunt wealth gives us a very different image. Indeed, in the very heart of the attitude towards businesses in United States there is a deep enthusiasm. People who obtained wealth tend to be people who can do the most business in the American system. And these people tend to be fervent, enthusiasts, and more than eager to push forward.

If you said to them: I have how to make much money, do you want that we start tomorrow? Most would say, let’s start one once. A guru of the system of European marketing said it well when he said: American business men get ahead and take advantage of opportunities like. a> to gain a more clear picture of the situation. In France they sit on a good idea until their time has passed. Americans cannot wait. And I would certainly say that the attitude towards the business applies to everyone in North America, whether or not they are in United States. Here are some ways to light your own fire and thus reaching the future in their business: 1. When you see a business opportunity, allow their enthusiasm to grow.

Instead of thinking about all the possibilities that will fail, spend time thinking only in forms of succeed, and a big success. 2. Listen to those who are to her around, but do not allow friends, family and co-workers to depart it from an idea that you really believe. Scientific studies show that it is very difficult to maintain his solid belief when two or more people are colluding against him. Keep that in mind. If you start to see the points bad business after talking with others to go to one point, then again. 3. Keep lit. It is not enough with the initial excitement. You must get up each day reminding himself how gorgeous that is really their business. 4 Keep is surrounded by people who view the business in the way that you see it. This is a great way to keep your resolution and nourishing his vision. This might sound a little to be centered in itself, but is the way as corporate leaders manage to make things in the offices of the CEOs. You can use this method even if it is a person that makes your business from the kitchen table. United States is number one in business in the world because Americans not afraid to dream. It doesn’t scare them to be enthusiastic. And that enormous American enthusiasm is his greatest asset in that infinite pursuit of wealth and financial security.

Sarah Michelle Gellar

Who is Escooby Doo? Huge, clumsy and cowardly. So this lovable great Dane’s cartoons. It is a dog who, along with his gang, has pursued for years to ghosts and monsters in exchange for an Escoobygalleta, your only motivation to lose their fear. Escooby is one of the most fearful dogs who has spent on television and that is what is so funny adventures. Along with his four friends Shaggy, Daphne, Velma and Freddy and his small nephew Scrappy, he travels the world solving mysteries and facing the most horrible monsters in his green van called the mystery machine. The old Escooby Escooby Doo charged life this year the first adaptation to the big screen, and with real characters, began filming on February 12, 2001 in the Warner Roadshow studios in Queensland, Australia.

Raja Gosnell (who worked in the movies my grandmother is a danger and never kissed) is directing comedy that gathers Escooby-Doo with the Mystery Inc. gang, while they solve a real mystery that takes them through water dirty and possibly supernatural. The human protagonists of the story are: Freddie Prinze Jr. (She s All That) as Fred; Sarah Michelle Gellar (from series TV Buffy, the vampire hunting) as Daphne; Matthew Lillard (Scream) as Shaggy; and Linda Cardellini (of the television series Freaks and Geeks) as Vilma. The film includes actor Rowan Atkinson (Mr. Bean) as Mondavarious, the mysterious owner of the Spooky island and the person who hires the services of the Mystery Inc. group. Account creator, americano-japones Iwao Takamoto, who this cute dog appeared from one minute to another.

Takamoto was about to launch into the air an animated series about mysteries solved by a group of young friends. The idea was good, but an ingredient was missing something to make it the perfect show. It was then that Joseph Barbera (the Pope of the flintstones and the Jetsons) proposed to include a pet, a small dog, quick and intelligent.

Spiritual Intelligence

To be able to understand a little more insight into the evolution of consciousness, it is useful to mention the ten principles or spiritual beliefs about the nature of the kosmos that we inhabit and about who we are, being these philosophical principles perennial working intelligence spiritual: taking I pauto it of the above information, it is prudent to comment on that spiritual intelligence should be appropriated in the solution of the problems set him, for the simple reason that is the intelligence that I understand in a way of the whole crisis of the planet. One of the causes of this environmental conflict is the business enterprise sector. Spirituality in business at present therefore already a trend. This spiritual movement is probably the most significant trend in management of all aware company, ethical, smart and holistas, therefore the spiritual intelligence allowed the business sector provide an excellent service to individuals who belong to it, as well as to those who are interested in it, these being the community, society and the planet in general. Spiritual intelligence, allows employees of companies a meaningful work, work with enthusiasm, gusto and with much brio, awakening creativity and innovation, and responding to the expectations of the customer. It is here where as a promoter of businesses holistic education, manifests itself in the continuous updating of its collaborators in a comprehensive way, acquiring these knowledge allowing them to evolve in the decision-making process for the achievement of the corporate sustainability.

The spirituality of the companies is a powerful strategy for enterprise organizations, is the wisdom that takes them in a comprehensive, creative and innovative way to solve the problems that the scientistic model has prevailed for many years causing many evils. Spiritual intelligence makes to companies in places of joy, relaxation and happiness. MY experience in the DOCTORATE uttering the phrase, doctorate in holistic education is remember and relive a myriad of very rewarding experiences, by the simple rezon begin to understand the meaning of my inner being.