Creating Interest


If you are using your autoresponder to sell a product or service, be extremely careful in the way how close to your potential customers. The aggressive advertising like few people and sellers have noticed for years that in the majority of cases, a prospect should hear his message an average of seven times before making the purchase. So how can you do that with autoresponders? It is really quite simple, and in fact, the autoresponders make it possible that your message reaches your potential customers those seven times. On the internet, if you don’t use autoresponders, probably not you can achieve that. Sellers often make the mistake of literally dealing violently to the potential customer with an aggressive speech of sale on the first message in the autoresponder, and that doesn’t work.

You must create interest slowly. Start with an informational message, a message that somehow teach the reader about the subject related to your product or service. At the end of the message, include a link that goes to the sales of your product page. Use this first message to focus on the problem that your product or service can solve with just one indication of the solution. Starting from there, i.e. on how your product or service can solve your problem, you can continue with the following message, giving the benefits of your product and giving the reader more specific information with each message. His final message should be his speech of sale, not the first. With each of the messages, make sure the client give pertinent information on the subject, free information.

That will make that they remain interested in what you have to say. This type of marketing is an art. It may take time do it correctly. Take other sellers as examples. Pay attention to the messages you receive from other sellers. Create a swap file and save those messages. Use some of the best sales texts to your own autoresponder messages, just make sure not exactly copy the sale of another speech. Remember do not start with an aggressive sales tactics. Create interest in potential customers. Get it informing about the problem and how your product or service can solve that problem or meet that need. If you do this correctly, when your potential customer read the last message in the series, it will be sufficiently convinced to make the purchase!

Balearic Association


On February 23 starts the calendar of negotiations to renew the agreement of hospitality of Balearic existing since 2008, and from some tourist patron of the Islands since the first red lines have been marked: wage increases of the last Convention have gone down in history (more inter-annual CPI 0.5%) because some employers have struggled really by the high increase of the CPI in recent yearsthey have declared 02B sources of the Business Federation of hoteliers of Majorca. You have to remember that the framework agreement between CEOE and unions set salary maximum rates that are 0.5% for 2012, 0.6% for 2013 and between 0.6% and 1.5% for 2014, with clauses of update for each of the exercises. Even so, business organizations do not want negotiations to alter the next tourist season in this destination, and pose that workers are aware of the current situation. In this sense, the recent agreements of the labor reform will mark the negotiation. The Association of restoration of Majorca, Federation of companies of restoration Pimem, Salas’s entrepreneurs Association of festivals, night clubs and similar, and the Federation Empresarial Hotelera de Mallorca already maintained a previous meeting this month 9 to address quality for the sector plans, but also to agree on positions in the face of the rounds of talks. Hospitality hospitality workers collective agreement Convention is the Convention’s reference by number of workers and undertakings concerned in Balearic Islands: more than 60,000 workers in hospitality and close to 100,000, adding sectors restoration PIMEM and CAEB and the Festival halls Association. The UGT and CCOO unions will pose a joint vindicating platform, producing at the moment. The Secretary general of the Federation of Commerce, catering and tourism of CCOO in Baleares, angeles Sanchez, has declared to this medium that his intention in the next negotiation is not renounce consolidated rights and maintain the purchasing power of workers.

Stores Online


Reflections on the stores online, (part I) in this article desarrollare the ideas we have in our company regarding everything related to e-commerce, web pages and online stores, having as their purpose the sale, marketing and distribution of items from any category over the Internet through trade platforms. You must distinguish between different types of shops or applications with which we can find. Applications made to measure, by communities, and lately developed free standard applications are proliferating rented shops that usually offer Hosting companies, which will also give us the domain as well as accommodation. To make a good selection in the first place we must differentiate those companies or businesses that based their productivity only and exclusively through Internet, and those that have their physical structure completely separate from Internet, and develop a traditional activity having presence on the Internet only as a complement to the activity. To explain me better differentiate companies that rely solely on sales and visits they receive through their platforms on the Internet and others that have visibility on the Internet for purposes of single image and exclusively. The difference is evident some should worry every day be well visible in search engines on the Internet to be able to attract customers, and the others do not need it. In this article we will focus only on businesses, companies, online shops that have as purpose the exploitation of your company through the Internet, or that depend on sales in Internet to survive, thing that now every day is more frequent because of the convenience of eventually having the business on the Internet. Will later develop the second part of this article that I think will be interesting for those people who still have not started its journey across the network either which have not started it but on the wrong foot.