Advice on where to go to Xcaret, still in beach of the Carmen, Mexico. Last month I was in a hotel all inclusive (Sandos Caracol, select club) near beach of the Carmen, Mexico, which is 15 minutes from Beach, (so called affectionately playa del Carmen locals), while there can take a taxi that will take them to the wonderful park called Xcaret, which is a unique experience because it has many activities such as swimming with dolphins, its small Creek, the great diversity of flora and fauna that have, as well as swim in an underground river and its night show. To visit this park I recommend the plus package, since the taxi from the hotel to the Park costs about two hundred pesos, and about two hundred twenty pesos of back ending the night show around nine o’clock in the evening (your return ticket can buy you when you get to the Park). To start breakfast well, since arriving at the park with the walk through its main environs as the chapel that is next to a replica of the hacienda Henequera, your paradise River, your greenhouse, following this path leads to a small archaeological site, which through the forest ten minutes more this what are called pozas, a few small not very deep natural pool in which you can put to swim and enjoy crystal clear waters and will surely see many fish of colors arounddo not forget to carry cameras that can be used under water. Likewise, use sunscreens that are eco-friendly, this in order not to damage the natural environment. Awarded for game at the entrance to the park they play them some samples and do not forget to carry repellent for mosquitoes, since in the afternoon these annoying bugs appear. For lunch I recommend the lagoon restaurant, which is located very close to the island of pumas and Jaguars and finished eating (like that of six evenings) directed at the Tlachco theater, so that they can set aside good places, since the show is wonderful and indescribable. Ending the spectacle of night do not forget to bring some memories of this fantastic place.

Restaurant La Senda

Find it me difficult writing this post because I do not have more than good words for restaurant La Senda and it might seem that you roza peloterio, although we will, that you have to do it, this place is great. Found thanks to my friends, and booked online through! It made me laugh, when I said that I would go to dinner at the path, some of my friends tell me ah, el Bulli’s Torrero and the truth is not them wrong by giving it that name. David serves us reinterpretations of traditional dishes and inventions that arise from his head. You know give a twist to what serves us in the dish. In addition, and this has seemed amazing, responds to all the questions that are posed on the menu.

I stayed with the desire to ask how did potato ash but esque had already made too many questions lol. The way of working of this restaurant is somewhat different to what we are accustomed. We do not choose a la carte but there a menu closed tasting at the unique price of 30 euros, drinks to part. I was surprised that the price of wines and drinks was reasonable enough, come on, that not gained it us in other places to price of caviar. Well, going to the heart of the issue that is so you are going to be ballpark. The tasting menu which we served consists of 5 (3 starters, fish 1 and 1 meat) dishes and dessert.

To start the dinner, they served a lukewarm pumpkin cream with ice cream of melon, squid to grill and air of ham. For my taste a spectacular dish. The contrasts between flavors and temperature difference in ingredients made this dish a delight for the palate. Then they served us some potatoes to riojana style 2011.