Saint Augustin


In compliance with Gregorio (2006), Saint Augustin was one of first the religious thinkers who tried to join the faith and the reason, for it, Augustin ‘ ‘ The problem of the relations between the Reason and Faith left formulated indicating the way for its solution -, that will be the basic problem of the medieval scholastic. At the same time it demonstrates clearly its philosophical vocation in the measure where, to the side of the faith in the revelation, it burning hotly desires to penetrate and to understand with the reason the content of mesma.’ ‘ One another fact that leaves clearly plus a great difference between such beliefs, is that, no moment, the peoples politestas believed that the creators of the world had been the Deuses, this because, differently of monotestas that they creem in the divine perfectibilidade, this Deuses possuam so great imperfection that they would not be capable to create the universe in its complexity. Other thinkers of politesmo, such as Ovdio and Diodoro of Sicily, had left the question of the imperfection as indetermined. This imperfectibilidade makes with that, at definitive moments, the man is capable to fight against the Deuses. For example, the Chinese beat in its Deuses when exactly they did not offer what they were asked for to them.

The cats, in the Egyptian mitolgico world, were considered Deuses because it thought that, running away from the violence human being, the Gods if ‘ ‘ esconderam’ ‘ in the cats. He is clearly that in a world monotesta, to attack its God, would be considered as a criminal, being that, the correct one, for they, is, never to ask for, but yes, to be thankful what It of. For more different than both beliefs they are, both fulfill well its functions very, and that, beyond these differences, a rich conceptual characterization exists that does not become some inferior another one, and thus, disabling any scholar to prove categorically that such belief is better of what another one and that therefore, the people have that seguiz them to get some salvation.