Pepe Branch


– Perhaps I would like to place something to him of food, am weakness, do not know it. I like as she sings that small bird, and for some reason I feel that she passes something to him -. It said to him. Certainly the old Pepe could not reach that one branch by itself, and feared to send to some boy by fear that was hurt when trying to raise. He did not pass much for when Pepe and ngel took leave, would close early the supply because he had familiar commitment and thus both moved away. For some reason, Angel remained thinking about that one small bird. It was a young person with skill, was almost certainly he enough yes could raise until that one branch but there was a problem, already Don Pepe had gone away and he would not abrira the supply in all the weekend, so he did not have sense to return to the place where it was the bird.

He decided to concentrate itself then in his work, had several orders that to realise, were a very capable Illustrator although what really it wanted was to become Painter. During awhile he was entertained in which he did, but he returned to remember the bird and took his shelter course to the street from the supply. It became behind schedule and a cold wind watched. " But what I am doing? It would have to return to house. No, I feel the impulse to go until and is there what I will do. ". It thought. When arriving it saw the door of the closed supply, as anticipated. There was nobody in the street and they did not pass cars either. It remained watching the branch and there it was bird, did not move, then it thought that perhaps no longer there was nothing to do but it was when the small bird moved a little.



What one can think of while watching this zombie-box? What can a truly brilliant, if you stare at the TV screen? Nothing! Alcohol, drugs, Internet perform the same function, helping to have fun and dive into the world of dreams. Nothing you ever do in the present good and will not understand if'll keep this way of life. Most of the people all the free time conducting very inept, and without prospects. Everyone has some talent or at birth. Each to anything predisposed, but to develop in itself this need is to train and develop every day.

It is impossible to become a great writer, artist, musician, scholar, athlete (and so on) if you do not wake a train it. A If you spend a third of her life in a dream, one-third to one-third and to hate, then you will not get anything more than an ordinary man who all his life to strive to earn more, so sleep late. In life there are values that the list of priorities should take place much higher than the material. Few realize it, we must strive towards this. Let's experiment. Imagine their pastime without TV, Internet, alcohol, drugs, mobile phones and the like.

Ie you have nothing to entertain themselves during free time. None of those you are accustomed to. How do you prefer? It is possible that some time you'll simply lie down and spit in ceiling and go crazy with idleness, but sooner or later you get tired of it and you find yourself something will take.

Cinematographic Writers


Six have been the awards obtained by the largometraje Also rain, directed by also the actress Icar Bollan in the prizes offered by the Circle of Cinematographic Writers in the Palafox cinemas of Madrid. Of this form, and with a view to the next prizes Goya 2011, the film has become the unquestionable favorite of the Spanish cinema. In spite of not taking control of the recognition to Better Actor, Luis Tosar raised by the award that in this occasion was for its rival and companion of profession, Javier Bardem. The actor could not pick up his prize because at the moment Cross is in Los Angeles due to the recent birth of its son with the Penlope actress. In spite of remaining to the doors of the nominations of the prizes Oscar 2011, Icar Bollan feels like proud and thanked for the cinematographic writers who have given a push him to their last tape to obtain to the Goya to the Best Direction next the 13 of February. The finery also pronounced names like those of Petra Martinez, like Better Actress, and Miki Nadal ( Burried ( Buried )) and Eva Santolaria (Heroes ), by its papers as actor and actress of distribution.