Museum Activity


A good museum is a thing by which the public is made use pagar.' ' Thus the process of the exploration of the tourism inside of the museais spaces requires to think the visiting tourist/as a part-key of extreme importance, since these are actors who make of the culture a strong element of consumption in its trips tourist packages and exactly demand quality of information and attention. Currently, the cultural tourism comes gaining space in the segment of the tourist activity, if detaching in the preference of certain tourist groups that appreciate, for example, artistic activities, folclricas presentations, gastronmicos events, among others manifestations of culture. The cultural tourism is strong on to the activities of artistic and cultural fist, and the museums are rich of these elements and can offer them its visitors to it. Vasncocellos (2006, p.33), quotation that: … the tourism is a way of verge attainment that takes progress and economic development to the attractive rich countries in patrimonial, therefore opens work ranks, promotes the monument conservation, small farms and landscapes, at the same time where it foments its identity and it promotes its image in international level. Observing the museums as spaces that withhold the cultural patrimony of a locality, she is necessary to attempt against for question of the adequacy and sustainable exploration of this patrimony. The tourist activity, as for the cultural tourism, if planned well, can contribute with the preservation, conservation and democratization of the access the cultural, guaranteeing the support of cultural the historical goods and practical good, making possible bigger access of the local community to the benefits that the tourist activity can bring. Considering the tourism as an activity of social, economic and cultural transformation, strong fincado in the current society, the existing relation between the tourism, in what it refers to the practical ones of cultural tourism, and museums, they can provide to an efficient result in the preservation of the patrimony, contributing for its maintenance and protection. .

Friends In Film And TV !


This is so far the best comedy series ever brought to the small screen. He began to delight in 1994, in which the characters Rachel, Ross, Chandler, Phoebe, Joey and Monica showed us the lives of some friends in their thirties and their day to day in the Big Apple. This series lasted 10 seasons, in which each was better than the last and constant laughter which led them to win several Emmys, Golden Globes and more. And though each has a parallel life and different from what was the series will never forget those moments that made us both laugh. Unfortunately for many fans of the series more comical than existed, we must inform you that it was decided that Friends will not return to the screen with New Seasons. It has been said that the possibility that friends can appear on the big screen, it is said that Jennifer Aniston (Rachel Grenn) was hesitant in his performance to say, if she nigue filming, I would be no possibility to see them film, and we all want to see the six most famous friends have to be together to shoot.

Also it is said that seeing The success of Sex and the City, actress Jennifer Aniston (Rachel Grenn) is ready to shoot the movie. Now we just have to wait to give the date you would start to roll and if it really is true and is not a rumor. Hopefully it is not because we are all excited to see these comics great friends again and to laugh at their problems and achievements. We hope to see you so well as before and leave us satisfied with the great production that you always had. We will have the anecdotes of the actors and characters and we can laugh at everything they do, they will see that the lives of Mellis, emma and ben. Everything on a giant screen and something that we stay for the memory of those who never finished the series I would love.

Yoga For Improving Personal Life


Yoga to improve personal life How yoga builds self-esteem, knowledge, and more. Yoga is a way to escape from it all and enter their own world, this will help you quickly forget all the things that are causing stress. Yoga will help make a positive change in your life. There are many things that yoga can help you as depression, many more medical problems, yoga is a treatment that begun will continue to make a change. You can not do today and then leave it and expect this to be sufficient for their benefit. What are some things that yoga help me? Yoga can and will help with many things. You have to get benefits to yoga but must be constant.

Yoga can help with breathing, so if your breathing is not right, yoga will teach you how to get control of your breathing. Yoga will help you learn how to control your mind and your breathing, if you have asthma can help you, the tunnel carpal, depression, low back pain, multiple sclerosis, osteoarthritis of the knees, memory problems, heat disease, high blood pressure, help you lose weight, will also help the elderly or someone with balance problems recover . a You can see that will help in many ways. This will make you feel much better inside and out. How I can learn to do yoga? You can go to your GP, he can tell you how to enroll in a program. If you can not do anything then you can try going to your local library and get some information on how to sign up too, or you can go online and see what you can find. You can register for classes and teach there what you can do, there are also movies and books to teach himself, but it is good to know their capabilities and their health in advance.

Is yoga can hurt me? Yoga can hurt if you do not know what you are doing or do too much, which is why you need to talk to your doctor before starting any new thing that is stressful for your body. You have to take these things slowly, is the exercise that has to build for yourself. You can not do without a guide and expect all the advantages and benefits from it. a Does not work that way. It takes time and dedication before you see any changes in your body or mind. Learning to do yoga takes time and be aware of what you learn will help you deal with many health problems. It is best to start slowly, not doing everything at once and call your doctor to make sure it’s okay. Then find a good group to do it. Groups are always easier for someone like you, which will give him some help if you have any problems. If you can not afford a gym, you can try asking your friends and family to join a group. You can start your own gym at home. In the local stores, you will find videos with instructions. Use videos to gain skills in exercise and yoga. Yoga is an interesting exercise, because it helps build muscle and reduce stress. Yoga will help you lose weight, feel better, and so on. Yoga gives you many options to improve your personal life completely. Visit us for more articles

Michael Jackson


What do I wear? For starters, no hats or black shoes or white socks, we will try, to practice, that means that we do not go well at first, and that no one is going to look for us to look, let's see that does not come out …. Whether I'm like girl child, we will get comfortable, nothing tight, baggy jeans and comfortable shirts, be a rapper, or a tracksuit, or old clothes that are open or broad. Where do I start? Away all your mirrors and windows of time, lest the break:) have a minimum space of 3 or 4 square meters, either in the dining room, your room, or on the street, why not? … Look at the floor above, and calculalo more or less, please, do not take any metro: D just kidding, do it if you want to calculate it by eye, think a meter is more or less a step, so make a square in floor 3-4 meters, and try to see as a circle dance. The ground, … slippery? or seized? there are some imitators who prefer it very slippery, to make turns and the "moonwalk" easier and faster, and others prefer very dry, clinging to feel more safe …. What is right, then? the answer is: IT DEPENDS ON YOUR SHOES.

Your shoes can also be slippery or not … then we have to create a middle ground, not too slippery, or too caught. If you get nothing from this, you must be very careful, because you have serious injuries. Getting Started … simple do not try to "moonwalk" (step that seems to walk, but we are going backwards), or even get on tiptoe, …

Let's start with a dance, for me, the simplest of MJ, but very moved. The song Beat it, from the days of West Side Story, where we see that steps have inspired this movie. Steps: 1 dcho arm fully raised two back off, left arm fully raised three same as step 1, but also the r. leg, stretched to the same side, touching the ground with the tip 4 as step 3 but with the arm and left leg. 5 ourselves as at first look normal, and left and with both arms, as if we catch someone by the waist and suddenly give a nudge to the back (right) in June we take a step back (right) and quickly 7 repeat step 5 8 stretch the arms out of the body, looking in front, as at first while, we exchanged the feet of the site, the front nine left dcho girarnos 10 repeat step 8, (now we're back) 11 12 are left girarnos as at the beginning: we raise the left leg forward and left hand a little, and try to play with both hands again on 13 December 1914 with the other leg, Right, the rise in the left hand to do a big parts of this series, passing close to our face (if you do not have much flexibility, you can bend it, but will not be so well) above 15 hands and arms with 16 lost two, both legs 17 luck:) You've done more or less choreographed MJ:) but I need more power, more style … will help you watch the video much BEAT IT, DVD or concert of MJ. If you want to learn more and better, you can subscribe the school Gb-Mj. We will make great on-line videos for you to learn at home.