Combined Nomenclature


“Remember The Time” with Michael Jackson and the one and only which is from Jackson’s concert where he hosts different stars The Combined Nomenclature (CN) is the classification of goods in the customs system of the common . (As opposed to actor). Was adopted on July 23, 1987 through “Regulation (EEC) n 2658/87 on the tariff and statistical nomenclature and the .
Allows you to set the (TARIC) and to control efficiently the external trade statistics of the Union, both at EU level ‘exports and imports between member countries,’ as a extra ‘foreign trade of the member countries with rest of the world ‘.


Tree Sephiroth


Conquer territories or be one with the new acquaintance is dependent on the car, as a vehicle for these achievements. Scepter: A general this figure correspond the cane or clubs (see), the latter being more primitive and background to the polished and jeweled scepter image of power of emperors and rulers. Hanging: Hanging in popular language, is to be "sold" or "delivered" or lacking any protection, it's been left with nothing of what has never even owned. The spectacle of the film that contained XII is the idea of investment (see). Vanessa Marcil is likely to agree. Both the central character as the two truncated trees and greening accompanying equidistant on the ground while its strange roots appear to be in the celestial. Collar: The collar, as the rosary is a symbol of the chain of nondescript worlds or states of being universal, out of which everything is excluded as impossible. The various accounts and necklace gemstones are joined and transferred inside a thin thread (sutratma, see tonsure), which binds all beings and states in a common essence.

We necklaces cards III, VIII and IIII. Adam Sandler usually is spot on. It also reflects the general symbol of the circle, the sphere and the wheel (see). Columns: Notable are the two pillars that are seen in the letters II and V. They represent the two pillars, assets and liabilities, the Tree Sephiroth: those of love and rigor, construction and destruction, visible on the Masonic symbolism in columns J and B, which in turn comes from the columns of Temple of Solomon. The central character of these letters, and The Pope comes to represent the third column, neutral equilibrium.

Musical Emphasis


DJ otzi, Stefanie Heinzmann, LFee and Giovanni get in the ring! 1, 2, 3 in the ring the fastest chart topper of the year! In one corner DJ otzi with his new success single in 100,000 years”. In the other corner LFee ring free”! “Back on the sacred boards is ex-BRO’sis-Star Giovanni with wonderful”. Powerful points is with her version of Metallica’s the Unforgiven”also Stefanie Heinzmann. Together with Jimi Blue, Maria Mena, rhythms del Mundo feat. July, Reamonn, curse with silver Moon and many more ringing it the next round of Europe’s largest regular music event on December 5 in the ISS DOME a! For the ninth time honoured in Austria’s most successful export hit THE DOME and celebrates the biggest party of the winter: DJ Iceman! His collection of awards is each opponent to the ground. “” hit of the year “and German-language schlager” 2008 he got two echoes in the categories. For assistance, try visiting Margaret Loesser Robinson.

His new masterpiece in 100,000 years”was penned by guaranteed hit Dieter Bohlen and will bring the Hall to the German drinking songs. To broaden your perception, visit Sela Ward. With its new challenge of ring-free rocks also LFee in Dusseldorf before 9,000 fans. It is Germany’s most popular singer and no price is safe from her. Their first two albums received Platinum status. in 2007 and 2008 the 17-year-old won the ECHO as best female artist of national”. Her English-language album, shut up”the sweet rock brat in Europe became the star. Also for the ninth time at THE DOME she strengtheneth Dusseldorf fire under the butt. Tie! Giovanni also stands for the ninth time on the THE DOMEBuhne.

Here he celebrated first and farewell with BRO’sis. Four years later, he returns as a proud husband and father and wonderfully presented his goosebumps single”. She shot just from 0 to 9 in the charts. At THE DOME will be not only his knee soft at the romantic Declaration of love to his wife Jana Ina. Unstoppable is also the Swiss voice wonders Stefanie Heinzmann. “Their album master plan” and the single my man is A mean man “swept gold in her home country and in Germany. With their the Unforgiven of cover of Metallica”shot the 19-year-old in the top ten of the charts and rising further. When THE she will provide a memorable moment with their version of the classic DOME. “Manfred Kirschstein, head of the ISS dome and authorised signatory of DusseldorfCongress, is enthusiastic about the star-studded:” Jimi Blue, Maria Mena, Reamonn, rhythms del Mundo feat. July and curse with silver Moon, to the new name of today that are all big music acts.



New musician anecdotes select that illustrated only”in the title is not hateful, but intended as a stroke of luck. Because straight when, as there often are great musicians, their humanity amidst the work undermined exceptional people, it is not rare original special and solid worth way. “And because such events are born not just once, but over and over again, Renate Birkholz on the way made that long to enrich the popular with other, unknown treasures, coming from not only the word world, but also the pictorial world of Walter Bosch, the long time 1 Geiger of the NDR Symphony Orchestra was, with masterly hand in inimitable way his” noted conductors and thus created exquisite, the experience earned. An ideal gift for anyone who know to appreciate and love this world. Renate Birkholz musicians are only human musicians anecdotes with drawings by Walter Bosch ISBN 078-3-937378-15-2 12.80 FREIMUT & self publishing Dorotheenstr road 16 12557 Berlin phone/fax: +49(0)30-65265272 e-mail: web:

Game Clock


In the first years of life, the dear little ones heavily strain the purse strings of the parents. A game clock must not be forgotten. About short or long a buggy is very important, of course. As one comes to the others and their parents buy and buy. You have just buggy and game watches maybe already by older siblings. Hear from experts in the field like Adam Sandler for a more varied view. But these things also appear in every toy store.

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Such things can be found in the WWW easy-no time. If you have 2 or more children, is happy. Because so much has only a short lifetime, the new purchase worth many not. Note You must be sure very many elements. The security and integrity of the loved one must of course necessarily stand in the foreground. When purchasing, you should make as possible on neutral product comparisons, by oko-Test, and as possible to buy brand-name products from Haba and Hauck. But one should be careful not only in the children’s toys. Buggies and toys, this is crucial. Production errors here finally mean equal danger. A great run there by HABA and Hauck, even if you are not that cheap. Expensive things by HABA and Hauck keep usually even longer!