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Taking photos underwater is guaranteed with the right equipment. Scuba diving and snorkeling are popular every year. Today, it is more, no special someone to a diving trip on the great barrier reef in northeastern of Australia to break up. But a still great challenge is to bring perfect photos of the experiences in the world under water. Because you can not use a conventional camera under water.

It is not waterproof. Therefore, there are two approaches one can still come to good photos underwater. To read more click here: Vanessa Marcil. These two approaches are the underwater camera and underwater housing. With an underwater camera, you get a product that is relatively easy to use. Cheap models have a film like the good old film camera. If the film is full, this is taken from. It been irretrievably destroys the camera. This is no longer the first choice for an underwater camera.

Because the cost of the development of the film and the prints of the images come in addition to the cost of the camera and the film. Who around 100 pictures under Water will be making should better opt for a relatively cheap digital underwater camera. Digital underwater cameras are usually very easy to use. Many have only a relatively simple lens, which significantly increases the chances of long resistance and low costs. Of course, there are also digital cameras that resemble of the objective and functions of a normal digital camera. But the price is usually also very high. But even with a digital camera, often no great pictures are guaranteed. You must make sure to keep quiet as possible under water. Experienced divers recommend, to hold my breath or to breathe out. Everyone should try what works best for him. An other important principle is making as many images as possible. With a digital camera that is not a problem and increases the chances of it on at least a few good pictures. The other approach to the underwater photography is the underwater housing. Diving with underwater housing is the standard for all the professional Want to achieve results. To an already existing camera, inserted just usually a high-quality digital SLR camera, in a special housing for use under water. These enclosures cost quite a lot of money, but allow the perfect control of the camera under water. With an underwater housing, you can almost have the best of both worlds. A camera that you already familiar with the use of water, and no danger that water enters and could damage the camera. However, should make some tests in an underwater housing before the commencement of the leave, to make sure that everything works as it should so.

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