The Irish

Phone calls are very popular in the bathroom. Of all respondents, the Italians (42 percent), Russians (33%) and Greeks (32 per cent) make the most calls in the bathroom. The Germans, however, calls the longest in the bathroom. Please visit Jorge Perez if you seek more information. They are, as also the Belgians on average eleven minutes per call. Women consistently more time with this activity than men – it and young people between 15 and 20 years to do so also more frequently than people in other age groups. Place of refreshment and regeneration 13 percent of all men, but only eight percent of all women wash the traces of a hangover in the bathroom. Especially in Russia, this room is particularly popular to recharge the batteries after a long night. For 18 percent of the respondents, there is nothing better than a strong shower for a night train to the houses.

The Irish (17 percent) and the Greeks (15 percent) follow two and three on the courts. Only four percent of German men and women see this as well as their European compatriots, however approve almost seven percent of itself like a drink in the bathroom. It is now becoming increasingly important to be able to spend valuable personal time in the bathroom. This is just a finding of our study. This also reveals that many consumers see the bathroom as a dynamic, flexible place, in which they want to have fun and do different things.

The most unusual is that people in the bathroom playing guitar, practicing dance steps and wash not only their pets, but clean even car parts. Today, the Europeans are the versatile rooms of a house bathroom. Man resting, relaxed, thinking about the next evening, reveals a secret of the mirror, again feels like a man the list of possibilities is truly infinite. These results will help us to promote our vision to develop bathroom solutions, which are inspired by the real life and the different needs and desires in every phase of life”, comments David Hamill, President and CEO of ideal standard international.

Mark Weil

And I was not such a man, I do not know how to do this. It seemed to me, so they know how they have such a gift. Therefore, in this aspect was not even thinking. When he returned from the army and became a foreman at a construction site, parallel in the evening I led disco L. Pavel: Still there! You wanted to be in public! Demidov: Well, that track is really from another source. In my youth I was very fond of rock music. And when I returned from the army, I was drawn to be disc jockey, because it is connected with music.

A disco was in such matter how complex, where there was a theatrical studio. Enough is known Tashkent studio '', where the director was Mark Weil. And so I acquainted with the Tashkent different actors. And most important, at disco that I started to arrange all sorts of things: to play something, improvise all sorts of remarks and jokes. He felt that during these speeches, these dance arises like an aura, a kind of relationship between me and the audience. Additional information at movie star supports this article. And the most interesting things that we enjoy: and the audience enjoys what is happening and I enjoy. L.

Pavel: So you felt that you could manage the public, and do you like? Demidov: And what I like – this is absolutely accurate, yes. L. Pavel: And you realized that you want it to continue? Demidov: I realized that there is some force inside, and it can be mastered, it can be use in order to influence the public, to pass it on.

Communication Sciences

The acts of violence of various kinds, from domestic lawsuits up to wars between Nations, through assaults and motor vehicle accidents, have become a resource used by some large corporate television and successful daily in multiple countries, action understandable by the high number of respective viewers and readers that generates them and under the understanding that emotional populations health does not seem to be the priority of its informational and business policies. In this sensitive situation, a healthy alternative to be considered consists of turning off the television and stop reading newspapers. It’s that easy. It is understandable that the news facts, i.e. those which are of public interest due to its notorious social significance, are broadcast with opportunity and broadly to large audiences. But it is also very clear that there is still a marked tendency of some media by exploiting human curiosity by watching scary and bloody events of pushy and irresponsible way. as these. A fact obvious is that images and sensational journalistic presented some television programs and popular newspapers typically generate fear and even panic among sensitive audiences who do not know another way to entertain and inform you. It is evident that the consciences of millions people remain numb and trapped by the emotional impacts infused through the bloody images that spread some media with much insistence and emphasis.

At this point it is right and proper to recognize that there are accountable and responsive media of its social function, which disseminated training content and encourage the awakening of the individual and collective conscience with a constructive and peaceful approach. However the contrary examples persist between the television frequencies and rotaries selling kiosks and street newsboys. Conscious break with this unhealthy emotional reliance decision may consist of a simple but decisive action: turn off the TV and stop reading newspapers. Although it is feasible resorting to the media when the schedules and contents are constructive, healthiest may consist in blur the attention of these informational resources and entertainment to focus on those issues that can contribute to the awakening of the consciousness and maintain emotional stability. Read newspapers and watch television programs do not constitute, by themselves, deplorable actions, what is worrying is that we lose our individual consciousness Center and us charge of destructive emotions by the violent events that is broadcast with so much emphasis by some media. The orientation of our conscious attention is decisive to define the quality and the kind of reality that we are building for ourselves, so it is urgent to revalue the amount and quality of time that we devote to television and print media.

And from this consideration, make a decisive decision, by own personal well-being. The author of this article, Sergio Alan Villarreal, was born in Guaymas, located port in the northwestern region of Mexico. He studied Communication Sciences and served several years professional work of reporter and editor, among other activities. In 2008 he decided to focus its existence to the development of consciousness and topics related to transcendent spirituality. He resides in the city of Mexico.

Olympic Winter Games

Already on everyone’s lips a future Winter Olympics in Sochi. In 2014, for the first time the Olympic Winter Games will be held in Russia, and that all citizens of our state are waiting for the approximation of the event with anticipation. The most serious training takes place in the capital the Olympic Games – Sochi. Everywhere is a large-scale construction of new sports complexes and facilities. Yet Sochi prettier every day, preparing for the Olympics. Prepare for adoption foreign visitors need to advance and scrupulously.

Winning this means the possibility of a grand victory. And without a doubt that this will lead to political changes as well as the public in our country. This will affect the development of sport and tourism. Currently, the number of people who pay attention to sports, has significantly increased. After the Olympics in Sochi Russians perceive the earth with awe and excitement. Yes, the organizers will not be easy until ’14, but is it worth to compare with the pressure, which fell on the shoulders of coaches.

On them depends very much on the issue. Almost all the winter sports athletes are the most subservient of Russia, and we can assume that a considerable number of awards provided to us. Prospective athletes spend most of the time in intensive training, preparing to impress us with an Olympic record and victories. And for this they have very train hard, because the gold medals do not just accrue. Olympics Sochi 2014 – the phrase can be found on the Internet quite often. People became interested in hotels, travel, tourist attractions, as time should hold, not only rooting for their team, but also look closer to the city. For someone coming in Sochi will not be the first, and someone for the first time entering Switzerland. Probably will be particularly interesting to foreigners, which, it is necessary say, does not stop to get to know Russian culture. Many of them have fantastic views of the country and Russian people living in it. In the West, is still widespread rumors that a large part of Russia is covered forests, and among the pedestrians on the streets there are also bears. Visit to Russia will be for these people a good way to change my opinion about it. We must demonstrate our rich culture, which originated in the distant past and our present life, absorbed all the traditions of the Russian people.

Balloon Gas Helium

The celebrations helium balloons will be easier for festivities, parties and events are always something special, helium balloons but so far the handling with up to 25 kg heavy helium bottles was very unwieldy, was still a relatively high amount as deposit and the awkward return of empty helium bottle. There was also the helium / balloon gas often in larger quantities and thus providing for a wedding, a birthday, or the opening of a business no longer worthwhile. But also in this area is the development not stopped and lighter helium containers have been developed, as a container for approximately 50 round balloons weighs (approximately 23 cm diameter) only 6 kg, helium bottles for less balloons are correspondingly lighter. These helium sets include also a practical filling valve (a so-called articulated) to not constantly turn of a wheel, as often is the case with larger helium bottles (where the valve must be ordered mostly separately). Noted also that the the newer helium sets even with balloons desire supplied, E.g. with heart balloons (red/white) to the wedding, with colorful balloons for the birthday, or with the passenen company colours to the opening of business – even the balloon string is located in the package for the attachment and if necessary there is still matching race cards. This mortgage-free helium bottles are metal containers and can be disposed of after use in the value fabric bag or at the recycling center. The selection and procurement of helium has become easier through the Internet: balloon gas helium shop. Jorge Perez has much to offer in this field. Thus, a helium balloon decoration even in small quantities is now easier and inexpensive.


The reason that the visitors who came to the English site at night bring more profits simple and obvious. When Day in Russia – in the U.S. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of actress on most websites. (the largest English-speaking 'supplier' of Internet users) per day. And vice versa. Therefore, major targeted traffic comes to our site from about 22:00 to 09:00 MSK MSK.

Once again I must clarify that we are talking about English-language Web sites, designed for English users and equipped with relevant advertising. Sela Ward has compatible beliefs. But since users at this time are the most active, not only quantitatively visitors, but also the cost of advertising at this time increases. For the Russian segment of the Internet – all with exactly the opposite. Daily traffic – the most profitable. Evening and dining – entertainment. Money, they generally do not carry. But their intensity is very high. You can and should consider this information in order to more intelligently distribute ad traffic over time, manage their advertising company (if you're a) and to understand the daily statistics.

Large Format Printing

Currently, large-format printing is one of the main ways of making outdoor advertising. Large format printing is used on virtually all types of advertising media – it prints on roadside billboards various sizes, firewalls, street banners and transporters, banners, city-formats, supersayty, billboards, posters for registration of places of sales, of window dressing. This is the most extensive product range, designed for interior design, commercial premises, exhibitions, presentations and showcases. Employees of Artos is professionals in the field of large-format printing is divided into two types: for indoor and outdoor use. In the first case, large-format printing is mainly used as carriers for outdoor advertising. With it is made, including, and shtenders. In the second case, the scope of its much wider.

This not only a variety of advertising and information media, but also products of the art industry. Large format printing is suitable for the manufacture of interior posters, mobile stands, posters. Print width up to 1,2 meters up to 1440 dpi. Possible lamination and rolling on the plastic. Large-format printing involves printing on inkjet printers. To print the Group Artos uses special high quality ink to ensure fade resistance more than 3 years. Applied technologies allow the creation of posters and banners 3×6 m for billboards, two-sided banners, posters for laytposterov and light boxes and banners of unlimited size to be placed on walls of buildings (using special welding vinyl cloth). The products printed with a resolution of up to 360 dpi.

used mainly in the street to see from a distance – from 3-5 meters and more. This street banners on the main 6×3 billboards, banners, informational banners and mesh on the built and reconstructed buildings and facilities, car tents, banners and decorations on the grid and tissues for theaters, clubs and stadiums. Products printed with 720 dpi – can position themselves to view at close range – from half a meter. This product, similar in its realism and quality to photo printing. Perhaps this is the most common print quality. It is used for printing posters, posters on paper or adhesive materials on the grid fabric and film used, for example, the design of trading floors and interiors of restaurants and clubs, under the design of apartments, offices, theaters, exhibition stands, transport With this resolution, mainly stickers are printed on special films for registration of transport aircraft and ships, as well as for decoration glass windows and other surfaces. By placing a transparent film deposited on these images in the windows or signage, you can not just get a good advertising effect, not obscuring the room, but Wear protective properties of some films not to miss the ultraviolet rays, thereby protecting the goods and products within the premises of burnout in the sun! Floor graphics – a new original application circuit production on the film for decoration and advertising sales points. For this purpose special wear-resistant film. Products printed with 1440 dpi – is the highest available quality of modern large-format printing. Practically it is almost picture, but the large size! Vivid, lifelike and vivid colors, a monolithic die images, allows the use of products such as signage and decoration Posters, posters and decorations for the customers not seeking a compromise between quality and prestige! The only restriction in this case – the existence of qualitatively trained and photos. This type of printing is also used to print small size of complex images with text to be able to better display the fine details. For example – when you print small stickers and labels.