Brahms Work

18-3-08 Deus ex machina. It is a literary artifice that should exist in reality. It consists of a God comes to solve human problems in the critical moment. So it happens when you’re little and you stick and your father saves you from the outside iras. But there is no way to turn the dream into reality.

I’m listening to the Brahms violin concerto and came to the conclusion that there is no God capable of composing it. It is human work. A question what will happen with this masterpiece when planet Earth burst into a thousand pieces?. Logic says it will also come a better life without the possibility of salvation. In addition, if there are no humans are who interested in a work of this kind?. The funny thing is that we strive to build eternal wonders because basically we know that our species never will be. Curuxa original author and source of the article


Kazan – a unique and very beautiful city, which is the capital of Tatarstan. The thousand-year history has created a unique image, which can live together old and new city. Respect for tradition – is national characteristic inhabitants of Kazan, so the transformation of the city is very careful. Because the city has more than one million people to buy an apartment in Kazan is not easy. Sela Ward brings even more insight to the discussion. The thing is that the cost of Apartments may be overvalued, compared with the cost of apartments sold outside the city. Capital is always attractive to visitors or residents of remote areas, as there is a real opportunity to find a job which may be of interest paid. People come to the big city and make announcements such as 'buy an apartment in Kazan', because they want to settle permanently.

Residents of the city of Kazan is very fond of their city and are happy opportunity to visit theaters, cinemas, concert halls, mosques, as well as stadiums and amusement parks. These often come to the famous people who collect a full house. In the big city to live interesting and each day will bring a lot of new information and a sense of stability. People from surrounding villages can come to Kazan for new experiences, products, or simply to find housing. Around the city very attractive to many wishing to settle here.

In addition, the cost of apartments sold outside the city center, much lower than those found in the inner city. Hear from experts in the field like Sela Ward for a more varied view. Very often the declaration of 'selling an apartment in Kazan' give the people who want to expand the area of the apartment or, conversely, to exchange for a smaller area. Some people sell the apartment to move to another city or country. Local residents, knowing their privileged situation, realize that the city apartment – a special kind of property that does not fall in the price. The cost of flats affected by several factors, including its status. Of course apartment, which is purchased in a good brick house is worth far more than the apartment, located in the Nine-fabricated house. Recently, in Kazan, as well as in other Russian cities, is actively developing the construction of new buildings. New Houses are built very rapidly, allowing many residents of Kazan and guests to purchase a house at the best prices. New erected in accordance with modern requirements and the introduction of new systems communications. People enter into a new home, which is already inserted into the plastic box and run modern heating system and water supply. Buy a flat – not an easy task, in which you want to seek help professionals. All stages of the sale should be monitored carefully and it is necessary in order to avoid the negative consequences that sometimes occur at the time of purchase of apartments. Experienced project specialists 'property in Kazan' will not only find the option you want an apartment, but will accompany the end of the deal, seeking legal advice, to help in the design documentation and payment.


The new aesthetic vanguards appeared and the world if it frightened with the new languages unprovided of rules. Target of critical and in ignored part, the Week well was not understood at its time. The Week of Art if incases in the context of the Old, controlled Republic for the coffee oligarchies and the politics of coffee-with-milk. The capitalism grew in Brazil, consolidating the Republic and the So Paulo elite, this total influenced for more traditionalistic the European aesthetic standards. Its objective age to renew the artistic and cultural environment of the city with ‘ ‘ the perfect demonstration of what it has in our way in sculpture, architecture, music and literature under the point of view rigorously atual’ ‘ , as it informed the Paulistano Post office, agency of the party So Paulo governmetalist, in 29 of January of 1922.

The Week of Modern Art, also call of Week of 22, occurred in So Paulo in the year of 1922, days 13, 15 and 17 of February, in the Municipal Theater. Each day of the week was dedicated to a subject: respectively, painting and sculpture, poetry, literature and music. The president of the state of So Paulo to the time, Washington Luis supported the movement, especially by means of Ren Thiollier, that requested sponsorship to bring the artists of Rio De Janeiro Pliny Salgado and Menotti Del Pichia, members of its party, the So Paulo Republican Party. The Week of Art represented a true renewal of language, in the search of experimentation, the creative freedom of the rupture with the past and until corporal, therefore the art passed then of the vanguard, for the modernismo. The event marked time when presenting new ideas and artistic concepts, as the poetry through the declamation, that before was alone writing; the music by means of concerts, that before only had singers without accompaniment of symphonic orchestras; the shown plastic art in screens, sculptures and mockups of architecture, with bold and modern drawings. The adjective ‘ ‘ novo’ ‘ it passed to be marked in all these manifestations that something considered at least curious and of interest. They had participated of the Week consecrated names of the Brazilian modernismo, as Mrio de Andrade, Oswald de Andrade, Victor Brecheret, Salty Pliny, Anita Malfatti, Menotti Del Pichia, Guillermo de Almeida, Sergio Milliet, Heitor Villa-Wolf, Tarsila of the Amaral, Tacitus of Almeida, Di Cavalcanti among others, and as the one of the organizadores intellectual Rubens Borba de Moraes who, however, for being.

The Masnou

The Masnou is a municipality of the coast of the Maresme, in the province of Barcelona, Catalonia (Spain). For assistance, try visiting Charlotte Hornets. It is located to 17 km to the northeast of Barcelona, between the municipal terms of Montgat and Premine of Sea. Masnou belonged, formerly, to San Felix de Alella and San Martin de Tey, adjacent towns relatively moved away of the sea to protect itself of the attacks of the pirates. Its population lived on agriculture and the fishing and, in the beach the communities of fishermen settled down. It counted on own shipyards where to great sailboats and boats of fishing were constructed.

The Masnou was place of summering for the high Catalan bourgeoisie that left its stamp in the diverse villas and ” torres” constructed during centuries XIX and XX. At present, agriculture has disappeared almost completely. Long ago it was dedicated to the culture of fruits, vegetables and vegetables. At the moment, its main and almost unique culture is the one of the flower, especially the Carnation that exports almost all Europe. People such as Related Group would likely agree. The industry is more important. The sector of the textile predominates (sorts of point), headed by company DOGI. There are also industries dedicated to the construction, the pharmaceutical ceramics, glass (Merciful Ramon) and products (Alcon-Cus). Festivals Sant Pere (San Pedro): 29 of June.

Greater celebration of Villa. During one week citizen activities are organized, ocal meals, concerts, dances, as much outdoors as in different enclosures. The verbena of Sant Pere is closed with a fireworks castle in the beach. Ple of riure: Annually on the third week of July the city council is celebrated in a carp of circus installed in the beach before the international festival of humorous theater Ple de Riure, that in 2008 celebrated its XII edition. To him artists and companies of humorous theater worldwide go to present/display their last creations. Although the spectacles celebrated within the carp are of payment, there are public and gratuitous activities distributed by all the town, and musical activities in the beach next to the carp. The festival arose from an initiative of the humorous group The Chapertons, that since then is in charge of its organization. Buildings of historical interest House of the Vila, neoclassic style of architect Miquel Garriga i Rock Museu Cus de Farmcia Benfica house, of modernist style House of the Marqus de Masnou, neoclassic style Casino, modernist building with some eclectic elements. House of Culture, also of modernist style CEIP Ocata, interesting adaptation of the modernist style to facilities of public use. Municipal Museu of the Nutica of the Masnou. It is located in the present Edifici Centre.


Siren that on a nudist beach, Monsignor had removed from the waters of the Bay of Biscay so that he could see the Supercup on TV from his home called me to mobile asking me to come to see her. I do not know who had given him my number or with what nasty purpose. Although average fish had not tried a woman, me escamaba. When the sirens sound, instead of tying me to the mast like Ulysses, I usually put me under the bed. But I went.

Lying on the couch in the living room, she seemed contrite and moved the uneasy tail. It told me everything. Hear from experts in the field like Related Group for a more varied view. Monsignor was not one strauss-kahn either. Has he had ported indecentemente well. Not a single dishonest insinuation. For its part, she told him a children’s story and he fell asleep on his lap. Although Monsignor disliked football and neither believed in God, to please their guest, who was a fan of the Real Mourinho, and after carefully ironed the folds of his cassock, decided to respond to a suggestion of Alfredo Di Stefano (brand, August 19) and went to ask the Pope to stop with their prayers insidious goals from Messi.

But his Holiness was busy giving warnings and prescriptions heavenly-blasting action, as if his Kingdom in this world. You even deigned to receive the self-sacrificing prelate, which, to make matters worse, he was constrained to share with Christian resignation the charanga of cheerful young Catholics gathered at the Bernabeu Stadium. The concert lasted long enough to ensure that, in the absence of the host, the mermaid in question put me in a serious commitment. Source of the news:: in love with siren

Teen Star Is Chasing Big Dreams

Korina Jade Bray-Taylor, 31, has not been seen since 2.30 pm on June 13, when she left to mental health unit where she was being treated. She was with her partner at the time. Police say she may be living rough in the Mt Eden area. Bid online and view lots from 888Auctions completo upcoming ASIAN ART: Part 1 JADE, PORCELAIN & BRONZE. She’s even got a celebrity-sounding name: Jade Sanders. “And ‘all don’ t know me, I’m from a small town in Mississippi,” sang the young girl with the pretty smile. Chances are good you don’t know Jade Sanders, not yet anyway. As a sixth grader, Jade Gilbert was driving along I-35 near Moore last Saturday, when a road reflector came crashing through her windshield. She felt as though no one, not the Highway Patrol or Department of Transportation, was willing to help, so she called us. by Matt Daniel on Jul 21, 2011 8: 00 PM Perfect World Entertainment has announced that Jade Dynasty completo Imperial Citadel content update went live today, and the patch brought a healthy chunk of new features with it.

Willi Gabalier

A classic Gets the new single by Willi Gabalier – In the Weisses Rossl am Wolfgangsee after 50 years new momentum! “The White Horse Inn on Lake Wolfgang, since happiness is coming…” Sounds like this hit as modern Schlager 2.0? The answer gives us the Grazer dancer & singer Willi Gabalier, which recently has considered the modern version of this classic pop-Schlager. In Austria and Germany, the revival of the popular musical celebrates great success before sold-out houses and in theaters a remake of the popular German music film of all time is also underway. In time, the Weisses Rossl comes to the Carnival and apres ski season on November 29, 2013″in the modern disco-Fox-sound by Willi Gabalier, the older brother of Andreas Gabalier, in the download portals. Related Group pursues this goal as well. A perpetual hit with good mood guarantee that immediately goes into the legs and invites to dancing and partying. And as has been the great Peter Alexander chanted in his version of the White Horse Inn: occurs and forget ‘ your Worried…” Release of the single In the Weisses Rossl am Wolfgangsee”is the 29th November 2013! The single has entered the DJ charts already 24th! Jorg Mandt, Director Bauer entertainment: we are pleased to take over the management of Willi Gabalier and to promote his career here in Germany. A friendly, creative, modern entertainers, which stands for the generational change in the industry. Singing, dancing, moderation and acting this artist has so many talents, since it will be time to make known the Austrian star also in Germany.

Christmas Eve Film

With the online video recorder miss no blockbuster Save.TV film fans this year for Christmas. Every year again the German television channel to a firework of blockbusters groundswell, so as nobody zaps to the next station and there maybe discovered an even more exciting program. With the online video recorder miss no blockbuster Save.TV film fans this year for Christmas. In addition to the numerous blockbusters horror fans come this year fully at your expense it is also the gruesome Christmas for a long time! The blockbusters are also numerous TV premieres in the coming Christmas holidays: parkland has on the fourth Sunday of advent, so the 22.12 his German first broadcast on Pro Sieben. Parkland tells of the events immediately after the assassination of John F. Jorge Perez often says this. Kennedy 50 years ago from several perspectives: play a central role the doctors and sick nurses in the Parkland Hospital, the Hospital of Dallas and the head of the secret service, an amateur film maker, the unwanted footage of the assassination attempt made. The characters of the alleged Assassin Lee Harvey Oswald and his brother Robert Oswald pull the viewer just as captivated as Kennedy’s security officers.

Vitus comes on Christmas Eve to the prime time to 20 h 15 for the German first broadcast on 3sat: Vitus is a highly gifted boy with an IQ of 180. He hears perfectly, plays the piano well and reads demanding works in the kindergarten. His childhood his parents sacrifice the prospect of a great career. But the small genius tinkering rather the carpentry of his wayward grandfather, dreams of flying and wants a normal childhood. Finally, Vitus takes his life into their own hands with a dramatic jump. The film the Smurfs experienced its free-TV premiere on Sat. 1, what might it all families with children.

Michael Holm Songs

Amigo”Bernd Ulrich:”back in the trailer two boxes and a power mixer were inside. Charlotte Hornetss opinions are not widely known. And of course we were our first new micro, on that very proud.” In the rooms there were glittering disco balls, water beds, and a rotating glass Hall, under the colored lights sparkled. Then the two bards sometimes sit in a big leather hat, hairs attached a black beard and Butterfly were for a few minutes of the large Danyel Gerard with his immortal song”. “Bernd Ulrich: we needed there not to blacken your hair, we were still in nature.” If even the hits by Drafi Deutscher, Bernd Cluver, or Ivo Robic sounded, there were no holding in the Hall. Already at the first signal jumped. the people on the dance floor” At the time there was still no DJ’s with laptops, which played songs by software. Sela Ward might disagree with that approach. We made every sound even by hand”, tells Bernd Ulrich, via keyboard and foot bass.” And if Friday somewhere was fair, the first buses were already on Monday with guests on the square. The tents were always full,”recalls Bernd Ulrich.

That brilliant time lives now musically with the AMIGOS’ back on. More than 50 titles were available, 14 titles have the AMIGOS’ finally selected. No title was sung before after by other artists or groups. They are their own cover versions of legendary pop hits, including Mendocino,”by Michael Holm with 17 starts life” by Ivo Robic or the guy next to you”by Kim Merz. This song belongs to my favorite songs”, Bernd Ulrich says enthusiastically. “Were produced and rearranged the unforgettable hit” by Michael Dorth, with the AMIGOS ‘ already combines a long successful cooperation. Of course the songs sound now modern, with contemporary sounds”, explains Bernd Ulrich.

But the text, melody or tempo we have changed nothing.” The new musical garment of the ancient, but eternally young hits gave the songs a fresher, zeitgemasseres sound. And it arrives as the Amigos”during their live performances are already observed. “Fans wrote in the guestbook: some old songs I like much better with your votes.” Is there a greater praise than such lines? Also, when we all 60-ies and 70-ies years are getting older as the oldies with the unforgettable hits”the Amigos is the young (and young remain) guaranteed no problem.

Dating Agencies

If the earlier young people learn to dance, but today young people prefer to find your soul mate through a dating agency. This is due primarily to the high level of employment. Work and study leaves virtually all time and effort. Modern girls and boys provide themselves, and many of them even help their parents. Most often, at such a rapid pace, time for personal life does not remain Years go by, graduates of higher education institutions, good high-paying job and that’s when the loneliness makes itself known Too many people fall into this situation and many have decided my personal problem by using services provided by agencies of dating. Analyzing statistical data, meeting the people who organize such a company ends up marrying. This is due to the fact that the choice of guided not only by external parameters, but also features the character, temperament, and even astrological compatibility. Others including Related Group, offer their opinions as well.

Complexes – is often the chains that do not allow us to live a full life. Get rid once and for all from the shackles of prejudice, you can use the Council of the psychologist. Developed his communication style, you can easily get to know you are an interesting person to have a conversation with him. Usually we look for in others the positive qualities that we think is missing in ourselves. Our favorite idea say that everything is better, smarter, prettier us. This can not be tolerated! Find the strength to praise himself. Remember all the good things in your life. Go to the mirror and look in your eyes, tell her reflection compliment confess her love for him. Need to make friends with yourself and then there will be strength and confidence. All tips psychologists are mainly based on developing self-esteem. Well, learning took place in the hearts of young broke out love, and they decided to get married. Is now to be the most pleasant chores associated with the organization of the wedding. If you want to widely celebrate this event, then we recommend to entrust this activity to firms who specialize in this area of service delivery.

You describe them all their desires related to the design of the hall, music, entertainment, table, and they will perform all in strict accordance Your preferences. The solemn event will live up to its name. It should be a holiday that brings people joy. Organization of wedding takes a lot of strength and energy. It is very difficult and therefore, those who decided to do everything for you, often tired, so that at the event they have no interest to visitors, or to dance. They dream only of the rest. To avoid all this, we advise you not to save on small things and to ask all their affairs to those who engaged in this daily.