Alan Close Myles Is On Tour!

“With classic ‘ black velvet’, further hits, new songs, and special guest: Liny Wood (singer/songwriter from Sweden) (thk) black velvet”-her worldwide hit from 1990 is the motto of tour with the Alannah Myles is back in March/April 2011 on the German stage. “Opportunity for the Canadian vocalist, along with her band in’ll shows in addition to all of their successes the current album of black velvet” (sales: alive AG) to present live. This includes her mega success in a modern, interesting version, as well as ten new songs. This includes”the title Give Me Love, with which the lady has recently won the international songwriting competition from Toronto and the Grammy nominee is traded. Is also listenable – and worth a visit as opening act for Liny Wood: it has songs from the debut named after her (publication: summer 2011, sales: alive AG) in the program. It is the heavily tattooed Stockholm as voiced singer/songwriter in the footsteps of P!NK and Stevie Nicks (Fleetwood Mac) before. During the 45-minute performances, Liny Wood is accompanied by her producer Lennart ostlund (Led Zeppelin, Genesis, Europe) as a guitarist and keyboardist respectively. 22 to 26 euros (plus fees) tickets for the two-time women’s power.

You are now in presale tickets available. ALAN close MYLES & BAND Black velvet 2011 “special guest: Liny Wood 23 L Luxembourg, Centre culturel opderschmelz 24.03 Lorsch, Rex 25.03 Wuppertal, live Club barmen 28.03 Aschaffenburg, Colossaal 29.03. Munich, ampere 30.03. Kaiserslautern, worsted 01.04 Hanover, blues garage 02.04. Koblenz, Cafe Hahn 04.04. Freiburg, Jazzhaus 06.04 Menden, Wilhelmshohe 07.04.

Shanghai Pavilion Tainan

Digital travel magazine reported in the December issue of the strange, frreundliche and colourful Republic of Taiwa Taiwan through Asia and yet somehow refreshingly different than the rest of Asia. A portion of adventure includes already if you want to penetrate here without Chinese knowledge or must. Tony Parker is a great source of information. Glamorous dinner at an appropriate wardrobe as well as exciting entertainment programs are not part of a trip on a cargo -, mail -, or expedition ship. On this very special cruises, individual initiative is required and a touch of adventure blowing you up with the airstream to the nose. Why despite optimal basic conditions a Kitetrip in Silvaplana quite even can fall into the water and the waiting time for the thermal wind must be bridged, knows how to report the native Swiss Remy Allemann. Other topics in the booklet: city destination: Lisbon Obrigado fado, beautiful to cry.

For body and soul: Shanghai Pavilion Tainan. Small escapes: day spas. UNESCO World Heritage: St. Petersburg. Hotel reviews: Shangri La far eastern Plaza Taipei/Taiwan and Boffenigo small & beautiful hotel on Lake Garda in Italy. Service topic: Preparation for the skiing season, and many more. The current issue of travel inspirations has a total of 75 pages and is available through the following distribution channels: as a PDF download from the Magazine Web site: news magazin.html as iPad app on the iTunes store from Apple as eBook on the enclosed booklet CDs and DVDs of the computer magazine PC go and PC Magazine from the Weka-Verlag available on newsstands and subscription.

Music Bands

For the hit band offers a few weeks before their new Studio CD will appear, ‘Party mood from the very first note’ (thk) Status Quo play five open-air shows in Germany. For the fans of the legendary Boogierocker, this means that they get to hear first tasting of the next hot iron from the UK reef forged apart from the hit-making program focus. Live the five already have a reputation like thunder Hall. Quo onstage, the epitome of a good mood concert with pressure full rock ‘n’ roll shuffle are winking and raubeinig served”(Esslinger Zeitung). Party atmosphere from the very first note. The baloney by guitarist/singer Francis Rossi is entertaining, unpretentious music immediately enters the blood”. With amazing effect they burn off their purist Fireworks”, the Rhine-Main-Zeitung noted. Mostly hymns of the seventies, including evergreens such as Caroline’, paper plane ‘or down down’.

Status Quo hold out the fleet pace up to the final: Rock once around the world and back.” Ideal conditions for a super summer evening by the baffle from the pure joy of life”(Esslinger Zeitung) the spark quickly skips to the audience. “Cards, to close the three chords of the happiness” to see there are depending on the venue in different price categories: from 37.–to 43.90, always plus fees. The tickets are available at the ticket offices. STATUS QUO exposed! pictures” Germany 2010 21.8 Braunschweig, Brawo stage (beginning: 19 h 30) 22.8 Schwerin, open-air stage in the castle garden (start: 20: 00) local Bonn, Museum square * (start: 19: 00) * + special guest 25th Hanau, amphitheatre (beginning: 20: 00) 28.8 Altusried, open-air stage cards from 37.–to 43.90 euro (plus fees) at the ticket offices of tour organizer: KBK concert and artist agency GmbH, Tel. 089.41 10 94-0 links:, kbkgmbh press contact:, Tel. 0821.

Output Piano

Exams and concerts take place in concert halls to present concert grand piano. Just so musicians can hear the future his game in this "live" sound, which I have already mentioned. In my own music school students playing the piano in the exams at the end of each quarter, plus a mandatory dress rehearsal in the concert hall before each performance. Best students participated in numerous concerts and had the opportunity to play on stage much more often. And in order to play the piano, takes some effort when you press the keys, which do not train on a lightweight keyboard synthesizer, as an effort by pressing the keys synthesizer is less than when playing on an acoustic piano or piano. Obtain the output third: the synthesizer is not suitable for children entering the music school. Therefore, for students music schools, as well as for training of professional musicians, producers of electronic keyboard instruments have developed a special kind of electronic keyboard instruments – digital piano.

Their key difference from synthesizer – a complete imitation of hammer mechanism with the software exactly the same force when pressing the keys as if playing on an acoustic piano or piano. In any case, explain what Hammer mechanism. The principle of the piano is that when you press a button, you actually push a little hammer that strikes the taut strings inside and get the desired sound. Of course, that this hammer push, you need a little more effort than simply pressing a button, which is essentially a key synthesizer.

Kayaba Shock Absorbers

Shock absorbers firms Bilstein (Germany) and Kayaba (Japan) – are considered a one of the best shock absorbers. These manufacturers have extensive experience in the production of shock absorbers and an excellent reputation. Kayaba damper struts and Bilshtayn installed on many automobile factories in production cars. (Similarly see: Jorge Perez). By using the latest technologies and modern equipment helps to make and improve dampers, which are unlikely to there are equal! Kayaba shock absorbers and Bilstein, even after 50 thousand kilometers, retain their extinguishing properties, remaining at the original new amortizatorov.Pri that their value can not leave anyone indifferent motorist, the price stands at times less at times in comparison with its original 'brothers'. So what does all this shock and what function it performs in the suspension vehicle? Ever wonder? Perhaps every of us who have asked the question – What do you think plays a crucial role as regards to safety when driving? : Meet the – air bags, tires, belts, etc.

But do not forget the shock, because of the functions of these elements of automotive suspension depends on how good is the contact wheel and the road! .. When 'dead' car shock absorbers will be rocking motion when running over road irregularities. Wear shock occurs due to the fact that the leaking seals and valves, with the important role played by the fact the state of the stem surface. Consequently, traction significantly (significantly) reduced by wear of shock absorbers. As a result we get – increased braking distances, a worse handling car, in fact, increased wear of suspension and transmission nodes, uneven wear of tires, there is discomfort when moving. Do not forget to check your shock absorbers At least in the simplest way, push the car to make efforts on its angle to the bottom, defective damper should be rapidly these variations pay, giving the car to make just one vibrational motion (up and down), if the damper is faulty then the machine will just swing by the spring.

IPad Entertainment

No doubt the gadget that will mark trend in the coming months, perhaps years, is the Apple iPad that has been presented recently. As with all releases of the company directed by Steve Jobs, its presentation has been controversial. There is who has seen in it, finally, the contraption integrator of the laptop, ebooks reader, media player and the tablet. (Source: Sela Ward). Who is only sees a new gadget aimed at home users more whimsical which is capable of doing several things without a very specific purpose. Something that we can not deny him Apple is its commitment and capacity for innovation in each of their products. sights. The legendary motto of Jobs only can launch products that we are sure that the user is going to fall in love., there is no doubt that the Apple company is at the forefront of design, usability and ergonomics, marking a reference and stratospheric distance with respect to the rest. IPad meets again with these attributes. Touch soft, lightweight and with a sense of fragility, It presents some characteristics that were already on the iPod Touch and to which was hitherto star product from Apple, the iPhone.

For the most critical, this new appliance is only a version advanced and enlarged an iPod Touch that keeps constraints characteristic of the closure which often accuse Apple. Applications can not be installed, does not allow execution of Adobe Flash, comes without web camera and the possibilities of Internet connection available. For the unconditional, puts a personal desktop that allows you to perform almost all the tasks of electronic entertainment that currently exist in the hands of the user: electronic reading, games, photography, watching movies, email and social networks as they will not always, be neither journalists, developers, neither critics nor the gurus of technology who decide if the iPad is a success or a failure. We will be with our purchases users who will decide if Apple has once again nailing the arrow in the Apple. Don’t forget that all new technology needs to be supported by a good service. The string K-Tuin offers the best Apple technical support through its website and more than one dozen stores open throughout Spain.