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Walleye Fishing

Expert at catching fish predators Bertus Rozemayer at catching walleye idetsobstvennym way. In doing so he is not going to give otsvoih favorite lures, but instead of soft plastic catches on wobblers. When trolling, fishing lures yavlyayutsyarezultativnymi buzz baits, at least, they do not ustupayutvibrohvostam. For a long time, I only caught perch on lures, although they are not considered to be preferred baits for catching this ryby.Konechno, and crankbaits have drawbacks, especially when there is a need vpoiskah perch catches the horizon near the bottom of the pond. A few words about the application of the bait near the bottom. If the catch from the shore, you should using deep diving crankbaits. Add to your understanding with Sela Ward. If the bottom falls vodoemakruto directly from the shore and then inland body of water has ravnomernuyuglubinu, the lure in this case can be made very well. You may find Sean Rad to be a useful source of information. But vbolshinstve cases the bottom looks like differently.

Starting from the shore glubinavodoema after the shallow zone is gradually getting bigger. If vestivobler from deep to shallow area, then in the shallows, he on the bottom. Well, if he is caught in this only nemnogotravy, but often lure in this case will forever remain in dnevodoema. Or bite the hook for the bottom sometimes lures with the wiring can raze the blade for dno.Po my opinion, is a complete nonsense. As I I can tell postoyannyeudary wobbler on the bottom of the bites? But when I have to bite delatpodsechku. If I do this at a time when there is contact sdnom, there is a danger that the lure a very deeply vochto something at the bottom of the pond.


Axial play in the spool of 3-5 mm – permissible radial – the smaller the better. We handle with lock nut tightened gap must also be minimized. Not prevents check mount bow – is that it is well, very freely hanging on their axes. Same goes for video. Number of bearings here the situation is interesting – the Chinese have learned to cram nemerenoe number of bearings even the cheapest reel, therefore, 5 or 7 balls in a cheap coil is absolutely nothing said coil with three balls may be on more smoothly than with five. Three bearings – a viable option, but the main criterion – again smoothness. Do not hesitate to twist a 3 – 4 – 5 or more coils (good, now the choice is) in every department, pass on all fishing shop – even in this price category you can find a satisfactory alternative.

Number of spools preferably two. One for the thin fishing line – on the chub, one for large – a pike. Otherwise, it will have to rewind every time. LINE is no exaggeration to say that somewhere in 50-60% of fishing line, sold in our stores – it is line was left. Comes across even very similar, but left FireLine, even Klin and then forged. When buying a leftist to recognize the very difficult, I have personally flown more than once. To try to give a rare break, and then swam in leftism course fishing – fishing line knots that hold bad, then a week later began to burst, like a thread.


It turns out, the more you draw, the more ideas come to mind:) We will share and new ideas and previously painted pictures. Thus, the prepared finger paints, drawing paper and forth! Begin to draw. TREES paints palm green, make a few prints on a sheet and get the crown of the tree. Now dorisuem fingers trunk and the tree is ready. You can even embellish yablochkamii. And if you make prints of only the palms at the center, then are obtained are generally very neat trees. You can only draw fingers twigs, even if they are not exactly equal, then we can draw a tree, bending from the wind. BIRDIE Again, plaster paints her hands and then do a few prints, but the fingers are joined together, one can still hold them down a bit to lengthen the mark, then turns the visibility of feathers.

Then head dorisovyaem fingers, beak and eyes. You can also paws. Bird is ready. You can try another option. Again paints the palm, making prints, but fingers are not joined together. Fingers do dots on feathers, you can still cop to finish;) Now draw a swan. It is generally easy. Making an imprint of horizontally, and the second slant.

It's wings. Now fingers dorisovyvaem neck, head and beak. So it turns a beautiful bird;) FISH smeared her hands with paints and make one imprint, keep your fingers together. Fingers make prints, to get the tail. Now fingers are doing the point, it scales. You can draw the waves as you are interested:) Yes, another glazik, finlets (which we somehow missed: () corner of his fingers and fish … already floats;) Combining all the elements, we get a picture here:

Grilled Barbequed Bbq

The Bolsheviks were very cunning, when May Day came up. Throw the only people the idea that you can go on nature, and then even if leaflets read – all will go with joy. Let's take, and we go – time to cook barbecue. This dish, as is known, prevalent in almost all mountainous and pastoral narodnostey.Kuski meat, mostly clippings, or lumbar (kidney) pieces strung on a skewer and roasted over the coals or grill. How many recipes kebab knows every one of us? One? Well, maybe 2 or 3 and yet there are hundreds of recipes for kebabs of various cuisines of the world. Sela Ward is a great source of information. Say more – even the most ordinary, traditional barbecue must also be able to correctly prigotovit.Krome addition, the open fire – on the grill, barbecue grill – cook not just barbecue, but also a countless number of tasty and appetizing dishes of meat, fish, seafood, vegetables and even fruit. More info: Charlotte Hornets.

General rules for cooking kebabs: Choose fresh, young, fresh meat and fish for cooking kebabs. The meat had just slaughtered a large animal is not suitable for human consumption. It should 'rest' for several hours, the blood must be completely drained. (The same applies to game). With fish doing the opposite.

Prepare all meals (not just the barbecue) of fresh fish. It is not recommended to fry or bake frozen myaso.Predvaritelno fully defrost it and leave it for a while .Posle this marinate it. If you bake the chicken entirely on a rotating spit, from time to time it should baste. If you cook the barbecue, do not turn the meat with a fork, it can pierce the meat, the juice spilled, and the meat will become dry. Ment right to use grilled meat, as after cooling the fat on it freezes, and after reheating the meat becomes less tasty.

The First Russian Cuisine

If the first dish hearty enough, but that quality differs in particular the so-called filling soups, cooked in meat broth, soup-, borscht, soup with cereal and pasta filling, with dumplings, etc., then the second dish can be easier, vegetable or fish. Brees, vegetarian vegetable soups and soups, many perfectly with dishes of beef, pork or lamb. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Brian Austin Green and gain more knowledge.. Soups and broths not only saturate but increase secretion of gastric juice and facilitate the assimilation of the next order of dishes. The main hot soup of Russian cuisine, soup. Its history dates back several centuries. It is interesting that the soup was served at the table and in poor and very wealthy families. Of course, these the dishes were different from the so-called empty ing to the rich. But in any event a special flavor and aroma of cabbage soup lent that cooked soup tormented in the oven.

Rich, full, or cabbage soup include six major components: the cabbage, meat, roots (carrots, parsley), a spicy dressing (onion, garlic, celery, pepper, bay leaf, fennel), sour dressing (sour cream, cabbage pickle, apple). Simple, or empty soup consists of cabbage and sour dressing. Cabbage can be substitute sorrel, goutweed, nettles, turnip or radish, meat – by fungi. To prepare these soup, you must first prepare a broth of meat (beef brisket fat, thin or thick edges, rump), onions and roots, and then add the cabbage and sour dressing. Spicy dressing and salt is placed after the vegetables are ready. To soup thickens, they sometimes put one or two tubers of potatoes (up to cabbage), and then confiscate them. If you want soup not fresh, and Sauerkraut, it should be boiled separately and put in a ready-made soup.

To make the cabbage soup special spirit, we must observe the rules of the tab. Onions put them twice: first, the whole onion when cooked soup (it was then throw) and then – in a powdered form together with the cabbage.

Ham Mousse

Season with salt, black pepper and lemon juice (to taste). Add a fill of canned cancers. Mix milk and water at the rate of one to one, add salt and black pepper. Boil this mixture in 500 gr. cod fillets, then remove bones and skin.

Chilled fish and crabs of the season with mayonnaise and fill the whites. In appropriate plate, a sheet of fresh cabbage or lettuce stuffed eggs to lay. On each egg put a piece of cancer and a slice of lemon and decorate with chopped parsley and egg yolks. Triangles with sausages. Boil in salted water 300g potatoes and mash. Add 200 g of butter, 250 grams of flour and knead dough. Roll out a layer of 1 cm and cut into square pieces.

Clear and drop in boiling water for 4.5 sausages. Cooked sausages and cool cut into pieces that are put on the potato squares on the diagonal. Bend the ends into triangles, brush them with egg and bake. Served hot as an appetizer or with soup. Ham Mousse. Prepare the sauce 'roux' the following way: a full tablespoon of browned flour a tablespoon of butter, slowly pour a glass of cold milk, stirring constantly until thick sauce, and cool. Mince 750 ham, add black pepper to taste just a little grated nutmeg, and 30 g. of gelatin, previously dissolved in warm water. Put everything into the cooled sauce, stir well and add a cup of whipped cream. Click Jay Schwartz Attorney for additional related pages. The mixture is poured into the form of moistened with water.

Dam Fishing

But so do most non-greedy owners of the ponds, others just open the throttle hard and shed water, the water level drops and the fish will get sick, she goes into deep space and there is not reacting to the bait. The second reason for the weaker nibble, Todd is all the same overfeeding, but it arises from the fact that each visitor to fish the fisherman is committed to properly feeding place of catching. As a result of fish is saturated, and soured on the bottom food scares her from the most convenient places to fish. Fishing in the pond is largely dependent on the correct place for fishing, there are several good places for fishing in one case it may be a dam in another shallow water, in the third place with lush aquatic vegetation. firm opinions on the matter. The main thing to choose the right tactics, on a hot day it is best to bite from the dam, the depth here is large enough (usually the deepest point in the reservoir) and a fish escapes from the heat, the best option, if the dam trees, creating more shade, then bite can last all day. If the water is poorly warmed and crucian carp in the shallows out, but to throw to at least 5-10 feet from the shore, otherwise it see the fisherman and not take the bait.

Fishing for carp will be successful, if we use his favorite tips, the first is a semolina porridge, cooked so that it could be using sticks wound on the hook, the second well or mastyrka tenderized peas, recently fell in love with this fish to be caught on corn from a jar that is not its natural food, but she takes the bait on surprisingly well. Tackle for catching carp is usually a float rod or donk with a trough, the choice of gear depends on the reservoir, if it is a lot of hooks, the catch will be possible only by means of rods. Not unimportant role played by complementary foods, the best option would be pea porridge mixed with cake, but not should be zealous and take a fishing weight feeding, carp and a small amount falls on the place of fishing. The presence of wind only hurt fishing in the strong windy conditions on fishing carp will not bring long-awaited result of the angler. The most powerful bite happens in the morning in good sunny weather, in bad weather on the contrary carp begins to take after eleven o'clock. But what would not be a catch, fishing will still bring you unforgettable experiences and respite from daily cares..

Chinese Archeology

The collected archaeological materials point with respect to this chronology, meeting in bigger number the fragmentos of pertaining common ceramics the domestic loia (fragmentos pertaining the testos, pans, jars, plates, pcaros and earthen bowls). They had been, also, collected two parts of game (a mesh of game in common ceramics and a part of game type ' ' xadrez' '. Howard Schultz often says this. They meet, also, fragmentos of English and dutch cachimbos. To the quota of this floor, it was collected one it cuts and one capitel, that they met made use ' ' side-the-lado' ' , functioning, very probably as decorative elements. Along with these elements, they had been, also, collected a millstone and two ombreiras of door, of calcareous rock, both collected in the rubbish levels/levelling. Of this exactly period will have to date an identified circular structure in Q 3, and whose functionality in them was not possible to determine (initially it seemed to be us about a well, but as this hypothesis did not present enough depth was part ece of fish).

This structure will have to be contemporary of structures 1, 2 and 3 (walls). Layer 4 was composed for argilo-arenaceous, wet land, and of black coloration, with the presence of many shells of bivalves sufficiently broken up. This layer presented a reduced power, and the NW was only observed in the grids. The collected material is inserted fully in the Modern period. They are about fragmentos of Chinese porcelain, as well as faiana (maioritariamente plates and malgas) ceramic also common. In this layer one was collected breaks up of deep in land sigilatta, descontextualizado.

The Chinese porcelain is, maioritariamente, decorated with vegetalistas reasons e, in some of them, with zoomrficos reasons, the blue one of cobalto. The goblets are treated, in its majority, of pertaining fragmentos, being that two of them present mark/stamp in deep its. Some catalogues on this thematic one had been consulted; however, if not obtaining to find mark/identical stamp that allowed in them to establish a chronology/Dynasty of production.

November Water

Catching bass for that matter, and other fish, requires some knowledge of exactly how and where to catch him. Perch – a fish in rivers and lakes, is growing slowly, but the largest specimens may reach a weight of about five pounds. To deepen your understanding actress is the source. Catching redfish You can practically throughout the year, but especially good ice fishing for perch. Very good bass bite in November or early in the first ice, as well as with the last ice. The rivers and lakes, favorite perch habitat – is the pits, whirlpools, with snags, places with lots of seaweed along the shore, tumbled into the water with trees and shrubs. Okun is the daily life, and you can catch it from dawn to late sunset. At night, the bass is in the pits and half asleep no activity. The only exceptions are the May and June, and then only in the northern regions, where at this time and at night you can catch a good bass.

Discover the place of feeding bass can be in the water receding juvenile – This means there are actively feeding bass. In the summer in very hot weather, bass hiding in the depths. Catching redfish in the summer can be almost any bait, perch almost omnivorous. Tackle for catching bass, too, can be selected as different, and this rod, and spinning, and prodolnik. During the summer fishing perch can be fished successfully with both shore and from boats. When fishing with spinning, it is important to cast lures into the place where the perch fry and hunting is just as important to be able to competently to lure near the bottom.

In areas with dense vegetation on the river, you need to properly maintain the floor in spoon of water. When fishing the bait bass is important to know how to strike with biting. When perch swallows the bait, he drowns float in water, so you need only strike after the float will disappear in the water. During the winter fishing for bass is very good bite on small perch and mormyshku spinners. For winter bass picks deep holes in good water with a sandy, muddy or rocky bottom. Determine the encampments perch on any grounds possible. This winter fishing for perch at a loss. But the bigger perch, the further away from the coast, he goes into hibernation. Change wintering encampment perch can only be, if its something to be disturbed.