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NET, Java, Web services or SOA (service oriented architectures) and new concepts such as software-as-a-service (SaS), whose judging requires a correspondingly IT – basic knowledge. Not only the large number of available solutions, but also the complexity of these technologies but overwhelm most medium-sized companies. To help the solution developer S & S has developed for mid-sized user therefore a practical and comprehensible checklist for systematic and structured selection of business software, on the 15-year experience of the company in the introduction and implementation of ERP systems for mid-sized companies different Industry is based. This check-list with the most important technical selection criteria is now available under checkliste.html to the free download available or can call the free hotline (0800) 50 52 500 will be requested. Who wants to download the four-page document from the Web site, must provide online only his business contact data. During the Hannover Fair from 19 to 23 April 2010 can the check-list in the digital factory”in Hall 17, booth number D34. 03 (at the booth of the Economic Chamber of Austria) are picked up, where S & S presents various ERP solutions, software and service together with the Mesonic data processing GmbH business software. (* Source: market study “Business software solutions for small and medium-sized enterprises” (2008), ed.: Mainfrankisches electronic commerce competence center, Wurzburg / Faculty of economic science and business studies University of Wurzburg) background information: under enterprise resource Planning (ERP) understands you modularly structured, integrated standard application software libraries which cover all key business functional areas (procurement, production, sales, finance, human resources, etc.) and information technology support.

The data storage is centralized in a database. (Source: Dipl.-kfm. Christian Fuchs, Chair of business administration and information systems, University of Wurzburg) Company information: As a medium-sized, owner-managed solution developer the S & S offers the perfect mix of standard and individual software software und Service GmbH company. Because just the middle class needs high-quality and flexible software solutions that positively affect productivity, revenue and costs. In particular in linking business with technical competence is the strength of the company. In the foreground is a low-cost, efficient, and flexible standard solution. A special importance this Mesonic business software.

As S & S able to implement customer-specific and industry-oriented requirements within this modern ERP standard software is a development partner of Mesonic. This S & S has programmed various modules such as times, factory data capture, a process Editor, a product information system, and a parts list generator as a functional complement of Mesonic software. Web-based modules such as shop systems and portal solutions are another focal point.


Noxious weed cow parsnip is spreading rapidly in Russia beat Scientists anxiety: a poisonous weed cow parsnip is spreading rapidly in Russia, displacing all other vegetation. Go to The Weeknd for more information. Hogweed problem lies in the fact that each year the plant captures all of the new land, and scientists do not know how to fight it. This weed is almost nothing and is not afraid and now no one method of dealing with it can not be considered truly effective. Cow parsnip can grow to three to four meters in height. Plant liberates toxic sap, which is in contact with human skin causes severe, poorly healing burns. Widespread on the North-West Russia, cow parsnip is a danger for man and for animals.

The Government of the Leningrad region in 2011 from the regional budget has allocated 30 million rubles for the destruction of dangerous to humans and animals hogweed Sosnowski an approved target program. Initially, the program provides for the destruction of hogweed Volosovsky, Gatchina, Luga and Tosno areas where it is particularly common. The committee on agriculture is calculated that in the future program will be subsidized and destruction events plants throughout the region. Experts say that getting rid of hogweed in conducting all the necessary chemical and agro-processing activities in contaminated areas within the region will be able to five or six years. Health scientists from the University of Adelaide (Australia) have suggested that tomatoes can be an effective alternative to drugs that reduce cholesterol and reducing blood pressure. Thus, with the tomato can to prevent cardiovascular disease. Scientists note that the bright red pigment lycopene contained in tomatoes, watermelon, guava, papaya, pink grapefruit and rose hips, has antioxidant properties, that is’ beneficial effect on health.

” If you take a daily 25 mg of lycopene, low-density lipoprotein (‘Bad cholesterol’) is reduced by 10%. Lycopene rich tomatoes: half a liter of tomato juice a day (or 50 g of tomato paste) ‘provide protection against heart disease. ” Experts from the University of Tufts (Mass.) conducted a study which revealed that the amount of water you drink (and that of water) can be reflected directly in the mood. As the saying goes, the more – the better. Scientists have also studied the degree of influence of dehydration the body’s ability to think. She turned out to be small, although not zero, but the mood of the water shortage worsens. Moreover, stresses that many people do almost every day they drink less water than you need. Air pollution from industrial sources near schools threatens the health and academic success of children, U.S. experts said the University of Michigan. That schools located in areas with high levels of industrial air pollution, have the highest percentage of passes on the disease, as well as a high percentage of students with low academic performance. Of the more than three thousand schools included in the survey, 62.5 percent are located in places with high levels of air pollution from industrial sources.

Overlap Dialing

In principle that’s right, but only, if you use the classic callthrough dial, like around the dial over the announcement. The classic choice process is as follows: dial-in number from your mobile phone dial. Announcement: Welcome. Enter the PIN number if your number at the call-through provider has not been specified. Enter the destination phone number. Listen to minute price announcement hardly anyone extension abroad noticed however, that these services offer the alternative, much faster and more convenient methods, only the classic dial. As a method, you can automate the dialing part, by you the pause “p” using a telephone dial tone. So you can enter for example the PIN and the destination phone number at once, before you call the dial-in number.

As an example we take the dial-in number: 111222333, PIN number: 44455566 6 and the destination phone number: 777888999. If you automate this type would like to, it is so into his phone: enter 111222333p444555666p777888999 or 111222333#p444555666#p777888999#. This one choice method for call-through is supported for example by DCalling. The Rhombus (#) is interpreted as “Confirmation” entering the phone number during call-through services. This select method has another advantage: you can easily store this number in the phone book, and must not everytime new type in the phone number. Further details can be found at Vanessa Marcil, an internet resource. In addition, many call-through provider offer the possibility to define shortcuts for phone numbers. This can be entered in the call-through provider in the personal login area. The shortcuts are usually only a single digit or two-digit and free selectable.

Also another one choice method can be used with custom shortcuts. This input method is known as “Overlap Dialing”. This means that you already defined a speed dial, for example, the “99” for the target phone number “0068123456789” directly on the dial-in number (for example: 022111111111 “”) can attach.

Peaceful Warrior

And rather than after I had read the books, but before. And further I can recommend these books of course. (laughs) But there are others with security fascinating reading in this direction. Sela Ward is actively involved in the matter. I think everyone will be at the right time also that right book in his hands keep, or watch the matching film etc., as individually to this, I am raising the word it, “Seeker” fits. Filed under: Tony Parker. Because it isn’t the one way, so in this case self-proclaimed “masters” to follow my way or the way of any of them, but to find their own, individual spiritual way for themselves and/or to go or to go further at all. And of course there are also people who help you can, once to find this way, or to show a possible way. Connect with other leaders such as Director Peter Farrelly here. -Nur-not always we find easy, funny dressed them in the glorifying himself, called “masters”, but also in the acting woman or the older man with 3-day beard who looks so not “masterly”, next door in the supermarket, in a book store or even at a gas station. You could are reflected so in history.

Do think it important to look for such mirrors or is this the satisfaction of “addiction” after confirmation? A really interesting question. It’s not that that I, at least consciously, looking for these mirrors, they were rather put me in the hands. For example, I got the book “The return of the Peaceful Warrior” by a boyfriend, after I over a longer period with the much over we say “God and the world” had philosophized and had set forth my views and contexts. So I was looking directly for this book, but it is worn up to me”has been. Well, now you can say according to the law of attraction I dont then also, at least unconsciously, this book. Well, anyway, it helped me anyway to reflect me and my self and was at least a confirmation of my way received until then.

The Driving

The upscale claims apply to the quality and the particularly favourable price performance ratio of training. Offering the focus of driving school theory + practice are of driving instruction for motorcycle, car, truck and bus, as well as the qualification of the drivers. In addition, training courses such as spot removal seminars, are Novice seminars and professional drivers qualifying seminars. The training vehicle rental completes the comprehensive range. Training the driving theory + practice provides the theoretical and practical driving training and driving test for all licence categories. And in a number of languages: German, English, Russian, Hungarian. The multilingual instructors advise and inform at any time in detail, fully and patiently.

At the driving school theory + practice is trained exclusively on modern, well-equipped vehicles by BMW and Volkswagen. Taster courses, intensive courses, crash courses and short courses can be booked to make acquiring licence quickly and cost-effectively. The driving theory + practice offers flexible hours and flexible payment options as well as interesting discounts in the simultaneous acquisition of several categories of licences. The philosophy driving school theory + practice places much emphasis on togetherness, fun and Communication between learner drivers, seminar participants and instructors. Beyond the scope of the actual training beyond what is there ongoing joint activities such as joint jogging, admissions or discussions in the driving school premises and on the Internet on the blog pages. The motto is: “togetherness is fun – and succeed!” Tags driving school, driver’s licence, Munich, auto, car, truck, bus, truck, com, omnibus, 81675, Haidhausen, 80803, Schwabing, training, professional drivers qualification, intensive training, bus drivers, truckers, bus driving licence, truck licence, theory, practice, motorcycle, KRAD, taster course, sit

The Zoo

There, you can walk in a 80-meter-long glass tunnel in the water and watching the sharks. The Aquarium of Barcelona is one of the great? th in the world: it shows you more than 11,000 copies of 450 different sea animals. Before a Penguinarium opened recently, where the cutest penguins in the ice-cold water in a room specially created for her jump, swimming, and diving. Au? erdem, there is a special play area for the kids, where they can play and learn something and have fun. We guarantee you an unforgettable experience for you and your children! And when we talk about animals, why not go with your little ones at the Zoo? The Zoo of Barcelona is one of the oldest in Spain, since it was opened in 1940.

Unfortunately, the is great? star of the Zoo, Copito de Nieve (Snow Maiden”), the only known Gorilla with albinism, died in 2004. But still it is worth in any case, to visit this zoo. The children will be thrilled by the intelligent dolphins, the hei? hungry big cats and the lazy hippos. The Zoo is located around the Parque de la Ciutadella, one of the most beautiful and bezaubernsten in Barcelona. This Park is one of the great? ten green areas of the city and it is a Worth a visit for young and old.

A true delight for every sense is to stroll through the various avenues and gardens. There is a small lake on which you can paddle with a small selection in the Park. Au? erdem is there the possibility to visit the geological and Zoological Museum. After a lovely walk, the IMAX cinema offers a treat, even for the little ones. Is a 3D cinema in Gro? format. To see the films in the IMAX glasses used special 3D transform the screen into an almost real appearing world.

Alpha Girls

And for this I’m going to teach a secret: If a girl is talking to another man, you cannot claim you or try to take it, will only make things worse. Instead, tell him calmly now again going to talk with some friends and looking for other girls or friends with whom talk. You’ll see that like magic, she will return to you and you will alienate the girls to keep you with her. This means that you are no longer you that the search, if she is not seeking you and afraid of losing you, thou art prize. The alpha male guide women another extremely important point is that if you want to be an alpha male and conquer girls, you must master the situation. A secure man who knows what he wants like the girls. Not tell are free tomorrow? When can you go to eat? do you like Italian food? do you like this restaurant? these are all weak behaviors that women don’t want in a man.

On the other hand, I know spontaneous and tell him today I am near the city accompany me to eat at an excellent restaurant that I know. You’re not asking every minute what she wants or how to meet it, concentrate on taking the initiative and do everything possible because she is having a good. Celina Dubins opinions are not widely known. If you propose it, today you can change your social life and conquer girls if you follow these tips, but if you want to give a radical change really you have to download the guide of how to conquer girls, where you explain step by step how to become a real male Alpha and have all the women you want. Leave already live a life frustrated with the girls, visit how to conquer girls and become an alpha male of once for all! Original author and source of the article.

Igor Latyshev Windows

After all, most of plaster and cement mixtures, and many paints and varnishes are water in its composition, which is known to be at 0 C freezes. Thus, refrigerated drying material layer could lose their properties. Many writers such as Sally Rooney offer more in-depth analysis. Secondly, the occurrence of temperature differences, for example, in a layer of plaster or screed, often leads to a violation of the homogeneity of forming its composition. Celina Dubin oftentimes addresses this issue. As a consequence, the formation of cracks or irregularities. "In the winter when you can not open the windows, you can use a heat gun, – says Igor Latyshev. – In just half an hour they can raise the temperature to room, even in a cold room, for example, in the new building, which still is not working heating and repairs have already requires.

" All sorts of designs, such as doors and windows if they were taken off the street, before you install must warm to room temperature, since most of the materials during cooling and heating change their properties and dimensions. "Loads of pvc profile, arising from the installation of window unit, significantly higher than those which he have to withstand during operation. Also keep in mind that the cold seal profile and lack plasticity, which complicates the installation of window designs – explains Rafik Alekperov, head of Customer Group propleks, Russia's largest manufacturer of pvc window-profile of Austrian technologies. – If the windows should be installed in temperatures below -18 C, then you need to use heat guns and shields. " To warm to room temperature and need mounting foam used in the installation of windows.


Like a star far away the lights shone a highway. Later, the forest around the road disappeared and has opened an infinite depth review of the night. Part 3: It has become clear that We drove to some town. Light became more and more, well visible, five-story buildings, some streets, and hurrying him on passing cars. Under the lounge music to draw pictures of the night seemed to fabulous beautiful.

By that time, rushing to it at all stages already train in a hurry. Only the ringing of intersection of road and railway. roads could bring down a while and relaxed dreaming brain for something more down to earth. Through a few minutes train ride continues by inertia completely lost speed. With a slight creaking train moved from one direction to another very quickly around a lot of new ways. Station the night the city was already quite close. Wagons mingled with tanks standing on top of neighboring paths illuminated by powerful floodlights.

Soon we stopped opposite the station. Lights illuminate, apparently, recently renovated, their way into our car. Maybe from this world, and felt that the train can no longer pump, some passengers came to life. Children in the next compartment tried to find out that my mother is a stop. Someone looking at the time, turned on the other side and continued to pretend something is asleep. During a stop in my player sounded some great lounge tracks. It became a bit boring, along the platform there were some other people.