State People

It says the princes that the people must always be to its side and that they perceive in any situation that the State them will be indispensable, with this will be always fidiciary offices. In this direction, the command of the State must personally be made by the governor who thus, possesss the easiness to become solids its bases, with good laws and good armies, in way that its ruin is evitvel. Exactly that its principality makes use of a ortaleza, this will not be able to save you if will not have the support of the people. Safer it is not to become hated for the population. To broaden your perception, visit Larry Culp. Thus constructing to one politics based on the art to know to choose of males the minor. The good actions and also the harms necessary must to the sprouting of conspiracies, these will be able to come of all sides or of the people or the noblemen.

E these actions are negative or positive they must leave always of the estimated one to please always its subjects. Threats of the foreigners also exist and to defend itself of these it will depend on good weapons and good allies. Revealing always to a true ally or a true enemy, assuming broken and taking part in the conflicts it will always earn, constructing to alliances on that it counted on its adhesion and it obtained the victory or obtaining support of that it was defeated. Still here, it is clearly the duty of a governor cautiously not to join it one more powerful than, therefore in victory case prisoner will become and this state of dependence must be prevented. To conquer the power it must take in account all the ways. If necessary practical of violncias these will have to be in only way not to have that repetiz them it each day, therefore the evil becomes instantaneously so that its pain becomes fulgaz.

Economic Phenomena

The economic phenomena are resulted of the social dynamics, in the interest of the development. To this respect, we notice the singularity that composes the diverse scientific areas. We understand that Economic Geography is a subdisciplina of the Geography, born of the pleasantness between two sciences (Chorincas, 2001). The explanations of the space relations of the economic world, according to author, are of ability of the gegrafo-economic one. For economic science, the questions of offer, search and of production, they are of its interest in the study of the economy of the world.

The economists had as white the factors of wealth formation. With the development and growth of the industries in the world, appears one politics of production, becoming a food for a highly consumista society (Chorincas, 2001). Still, according to Ayllon Towers (2004), Economic Geography is the study of the relations of the way and them economic activities. We notice here that for these authors, the economic factors, are the main causes to attribute to Economic Geography, diverse concepts, but, with the same focus? the study of the economic and space structure. IMPORTANCE OF the Distant ECONOMIC GEOGRAPHY of the teorizao, Economic Geography creates a scene where the historical moments had allowed the existence of great events, as the influence of the distribution of the activities in the space, as it points Chorincas (2001). It is only from the decade of 70? period of World War II? that Economic Geography starts to firm the steps in the conquest of a scientific body. From now on, Geography and the Economy start to form a bow of friendship. Celina Dubin is open to suggestions. It is through the historical processes that the economy of the world can be implied as a facultative agent of the social and economic behavior (Moreira, 1981). Chorincas (2001) still describes that the economic development blossoms in some territories and others not, although its technological and financial mobility.

The Art

It enjoys than now it occurs, without neglecting your responsibilities, but without living constantly worried reason why still they lack hours (or days, or weeks) so that it happens and you must pay attention to him. It tell me, and now to what you want to play? 3) Curiosity The children explore the universe with enormous curiosity. If they see something that does not know, they approach with intention to touch it, to know it and if it is possible, to play in this way. Filed under: Sela Ward. If they see a park, they want to mount in each swing, attraction or stone of peculiar form that leaves its imagination flies. Each experience is a gift in the childhood, an opportunity to explore new sensations and to enjoy it. Lamentably, as we become majors we tend to ” olvidar” the important thing that they are the experiences, so we walked most of by the world insensible to events that surround to us. When you are going to work or you arrive behind schedule at a meeting, this phenomenon is accentuated.

Quick little attention to which it surrounds to you, it must really happen something surprising unforeseen circumstance or so that your attention is turned aside and appreciated what the experience offers you. It is still a peculiar phenomenon that we have to ours a so complex and detailed world around, with million alive beings coexisting in him, hundreds of technological experiences invading our lives, and we are so little given to appreciate that complexity. The children approach stones, to the leaves and branches that see in the ground. They touch them and they appreciate his texture, his scent. They shake the branches they turn and them into magical barytas or any other own object of some game that finish inventing. Curiosity and invention go of the hand, they create their world voluntarily, participate actively in him, they send themselves to prove and to discover new things. He would not be fantastic to be able to live a little to his way more? To go out and to contemplate during seconds all the activity that is developed.

To appreciate the gestualidad of driver of the bus, to consciously look for the smile of the kioskero, to enjoy the rich cotidianidad surrounds that us at every moment. He plays with the world, he experiments, he learns and he enjoys. They do to the children, looking for it constantly its own rejoicing in it, and we can also do it, although we constantly look for reasons to say to us same that it is not possible. Perhaps you will be happy when your pair includes/understands to you, or when the things are less estresantes in the work, or when you surpass any trauma of the past. While delays to that all that is aligned, million children in the world otean around to his in search of something to amuse themselves and to pass it well. In that sense, the children take much advantage to you in the art of the happiness. But that can change.

Rouke Paradigm

The enterprise after-modern exceeds the borders of the theory and the practical one, many times involving one in the other and one for the other, and many times history is the scene of this problematizao. (Hutcheon, P. 123) In this boarding of Hutcheon Peter Burke is retaken that to speech on the question of new history and traditional history shows the recent trends of the areas of the historical inquiry. Elaborated with some studies that analyze and sketch the new realities, in general discarded for traditional history, it leads to the reflection of the development of the historiografia of century XX and shows new history as modern paradigm. Vanessa Marcil often says this. The developed expression ‘ ‘ new histria’ ‘ , more known in France, it is a reaction deliberated against the described traditional paradigm as ‘ ‘ history rankeana’ ‘ , as Rouke, also is called paradigm of the vision of the common sense of history, elaborates the contrast between old and new history, where, at the first moment the traditional paradigm, history says respect to the politics for being related to the State, that is, to be more national and international of what regional and new history if interests for all the activity human being, having as philosophical base the idea of that the reality social or is culturally constituted.

About according to moment, the paradigm of the traditional historians thinks history as narrative of events and new history if it worries about the analysis of the structures. In third, history traditional offers vision from above, where great facts, great men if concentrate, whereas new history possesss the vision seen of low valuing the being that does not have history, that is, the common people. room moment, the traditional paradigm, history would have to be based on documents, what, in the limitations of the sources narratives, the chronicle, neglects other types of sources..

Taj Mahal

Taj Mahal – super. After the tour – our guide told me that we the only group that walked through the territory of Taj 2,5 hours. Then visit Agra Fort (massive structure of red stone on the bank of river Yamuna, in the fort several palaces and many other diverse buildings.) standing across the river from the Taj Mahal. From here you can admire the beautiful Taj. Here photography is cheaper by $ 1, good.

The output of souvenir shopping, and earnings for the month ahead souvenir seller Kama Sutra, we each took at least 5 pieces, they're $ 2, Indian thought, perhaps, that Ukrainians are obsessed with sex? After lunch drive to Jaipur, on the way visited the "dead city" of Fatehpur Sikri, built by Emperor Akbar for his son Jahangir. Fatehpur Sikri – the only city of the Mughals, and nobody ever spoiled. In Jaipur, hotel accommodation and lodging. Sutra breakfast and long-awaited visit to Amer Fort, where you can ride on elephants. A trip to the elephants included in almost all the tours of India, which is the "Golden Triangle". During the trip, you also take pictures of you posing, and then select the photo, you can bargain up to $ 2 for 5-6 photos. Then you go to The palace complex, which occupies a huge area of territory with lots of courtyards and gardens.

The palace complex is almost entirely open to the public, where house museums with a collection of fabrics, music tools and other miscellaneous items. You will also visit the observatory built by Raja Jai Singh in 1728. The next day – moving to Delhi. And then, after placing in a luxury hotel and the 2-hour rest period – long- Shopping! You bring in a huge shopping complex and give the time until closing time, but you do not relax – this is not enough. In Delhi, the very low prices for things, the better. And still cheap tea, take a little more on this, relatives will be happy that you and stay in India was brought to them than anything, but a real Indian tea. If you're careful, do not forget to offend anyone of your friends, bringing them a thing to remember with a tour of India, costing from $ 1 and above India – a wonderful country, which is all interesting places, the ocean, mountains and islands. Having visited it once – you want to go there yet. And you plan for a tour of , Mumbai, Rantambor, the Himalayas, and finally holidays in Goa. And lastly I want to say: do not be afraid to fly and rest in India. Yes, there's dirt, but there cows go, as we have dogs for "trashcan", and monkeys much, but where there are tourists – we have nothing. And sitting in a bus with air conditioning, Even after all this interesting to watch. In the hotel is very clean, the food normal people are not evil, friendly, love to be photographed with foreigners Holidays in India – you will never forget, and you will have lots of impressions of any tour, which you will make in this country.