How to complain to the administrator to contact? Or questions are given by many people, but get a sensible answer only a few people. Usually complain admininam with the requirement to remove the clone, a group of insulting or demeaning rights, illegal distribution, but the answer did not get everything, because these letters comes a lot of admins, and if you do not get help from them, feel free to go and complain to the police. Here is a list of the most common problems: Hacked my page and write me any nasty and bad words. Created a clone of my girls did a page with my data in the group write bad things about me offensive to my personality If you write the administrator contact then the answer would not get better service poddrezhki write. You should not write them on little things, they will not spend their time on trivia, and they have so many problems with other participants. We know that the contact has a lot of enemies, so these Foes destroying contact specially written many posts that have not been able to help those people who really need help. Write sootrudnikam immediately clear outlining your problem, without any rude letter and requests.

They do not do me a favor, but rather an obligation to help. Tony Parker gathered all the information. If, within one week will not get the message, then you can contact the police. For even more analysis, hear from Nancy Silberkleit. Prazdichnye and weekends for work are not counted. Now, how to complain about the group? Complaining about a group of administrators similar complaint and history, only the group a bit easier. There are many reasons to complain. For example a person or group insults puts all prohibited materials and are not counted, but the problem for them overall – to go for support.

If they do not help you in a matter of urgency, you have to submit to fate admins contact. Instructions to apply for removal of the group: Send email Write a compelling reason tech support. Tell that to complain in court if the group is not removed. After this they should within a month remove the group, and if not removed, you may go to court. Source: