Albert Einstein

Is He insists through the media to be thinner, to be higher, to make our hair that color. We are told that the popularity, the number of friends we have, depend on these factors. Vanessa Marcil is open to suggestions. ( silence is the space where one wakes, and the noisy mind is the space where one stays asleep. (Osho) If you’re aware, you don’t need to control your anger; the ira never arises in a space of consciousness. They cannot exist together. (Osho) Your failures are useful.

They teach you your unconsciousness. And if you can be aware of your unawareness you’ve gained knowledge. (Osho) What is a private belongs to the world of dreams. The truth is an open sky for all, is one. (Osho) If you feel very lonely and want problems, you can have them.

But there is no need for them. It will always be your choice. (Osho) A driving force more powerful than steam and electricity there is the will.Albert Einstein is sufficient for my mystery and the vague notion of the marvelous structure of reality, along with the delivery to the adventure to understand a lot of the reason that manifests itself if same in nature.Albert Einstein imagination is more important than knowledge. Albert Einstein only when you are on the edge between life and death, when you are not afraid to die, you get the value for not being afraid to live nor.Tomas Humar (Mountaineer) which can change your thoughts can change their future Stephen Crane I care about the future because it is the site where I’ll spend conclusions not know when it really touches us leave our physical form, this vehicle is us presto, perishable form, but if it is our obligation to know it to use while we are allowed to be, to maximize timego with the conviction that going through this dimension we learned, we work towards our spiritual growth, that is the only thing we get is own. Do not leave unattended it and remember those who bequeathed us the Mountaineer Rene Mendez, I don’t know that you are part of this mountain, but is that you’re in it also endeavoring to your own attempt, and I would like to help you is that your success is my success, that your and I though we do not know we are one. I can not give the path by which I have not, nobody has it; each follows his own individual way which in addition we created while we climbed. All who are climbing this mountain have desire to reach the top, they all have big illusions and beautiful dreams, but not everyone has the will necessary to make them reality and reach the top because what differentiates the great men of others, is the will to realize their goals.