The repertoire of Biblical parabolas, with stories that go of gnese to the apocalypse, almost always composes a species of express popular metaphysics in surprising way. Tame and delicate people had answered, however with brevity, however with incredible prolixidade to the investigations that place them to the film. ' ' I pray so that the children who are born if baptize. To grow or not to grow is another one coisa' ' , it warrants Great Baby, 90 years. goes in front: ' ' This because anjinho that it is not baptized is in the dark one asking for the world if acabar' '. For it, and all, angel serafim is the child who dies without time suck, without eating any thing. ' ' It only has an advantage: mother of five angels serafins, when she dies, is received in the sky for angels touching mandolin, must be much bonito.' ' In that community, what it cannot, what determines the loss of the honor, is to be thief. ' ' To these, it does not have perdo.' ' Each one thinks what it wants and Z de Souza certifies: ' ' The goat that says everything what it knows is besta' '.

Born, the citizen most prosperous of the Small farm of Arracks, nor therefore leave of being simple, common man as its neighbors, tedious in its to say and concise in its sentences: ' ' That history to inherit and to receive soon is very ruim' '. Or then: ' ' The man goes bank of the college pro and learns many things. But the things matutas it learns in the field. He goes coexisting, he goes talking, he goes seeing, he goes being prtico' '. Its summary of life is two phrases: ' ' The measure of never having enche' ' ' ' The man must work thinking that he does not go to die, and must pray knowing that morrer&#039 goes; '. This cadence of the life and death, death and life, perpassa all the film and invites to the reflection. The content makes in them to think. It will be that these individuals, marked for the time in the body and in soul, leaves a philosophical legacy of lesser value that the great philosophers?