Over the weekend, White-stone with all its scope was celebrating his birthday – 860 years from the date of mention of Moscow in the chronicles. Muscovites and guests at this time the weather is not to say that lucky, but the rain, though its location and forecasters predicted, still have not shed. Despite the cloudy weather, the streets of Moscow in the weekend series with friendly and cheerful companies out of about 9 million people. Cultural programs for the "walk" was organized enough: theatrical performances and concerts in the central areas of the city, folk festivals in the district-wide throughout the capital and, of course, fireworks – as a dessert. Nevertheless, the most ambitious and perhaps a welcome gift to the city authorities was the discovery of Muscovites architectural and park ensemble 'Tsarina'. And with that agreed at least 300 thousand visitors who visited there and have already appreciated the beauty resurrected Tsaritsyn complex. But recently the palace was the residence of Moscow's homeless, and the picturesque lawn and clean the track – a dumping ground Bicentennial unfinished – so long been called the 'Tsarina' Muscovites. From this estate related enough myths and legends.

Until November 2005, many believed a fairy tale and the possible transformation of the estate. However, to build, by calculating an opening right in the 860-day anniversary of the city. Protagonists of this "show-opening", according to According to Valentin Belyavsky, Head of Service of Public Relations of the State Museum-Reserve Tsaritsyno, became the Grand Palace and the Fountain – the largest in Moscow.