Bavaria Unterfohring

In the autumn high contribution to climate protection Unterfohring the results of two Unterfohring geothermal first heat supply significantly exceed expectations. After the pump attempts that were used to determine of the permanently achievable temperature and filling, it is clear that 86 degrees hot water with at least 50 litres per second can be promoted. So far, 80 degrees and 35 litre bulk were been forecast as a minimum. Here, Hotbox by Wiz – Instagram expresses very clear opinions on the subject. With regard to the flow rate, perhaps even a better value is possible, since it was limited to the performance of the pump used in the pumping tests to 50 litres per second. Geovol – Managing Director Peter Lohr was delighted with the good news of the drilling site: so, our main goal is not only achieved, but even significantly exceeded. We have now. the safety, to be able to provide a large part of Unterfohrings with climate-friendly geothermal energy” With all other work until its scheduled absorption of heat supply in the autumn you lie within the schedule, so Lohr.

The Construction of power unit had taken place, the expansion of district heating network run since mid-May on full blast and you can begin with the installation of the heat transfer stations in the houses of customers already in July. Based on the now-fixed performance values of the holes, the Geovol has grossed also the possible contribution of their project to protect the environment. In the long term you can avoid annually 17,000 tonnes of CO2 by geothermal energy, alone in the first 20 years up to 300,000 tons. This is a significant contribution to climate protection, which we are proud,”so Lohr, of the contribution to the improvement of air in the community, and to the conservation of resources not to mention.” Soon the 36 metre high Derrick, who coined the image in the Unterfohring Etzweg since November, will go down and then elsewhere in Bavaria on the search hot water. The drill team and the Tower have served us well and ultimately excellent results with”, says Peter Lohr. We want the next project, in which they are used, the same success as in Unterfohring.” Dr. Norbert Baumgartner press contact: Dr. Baumgartner management and communications consultancy Dr. Norbert Baumgartner Otto Heilmann Strasse 19 a 82031 Grunwald Tel.: (089) 649 10 931 fax: (089) 649 10 932