Beaches of Croatia

Beaches of Croatia and ChernogoriiEsli for you the main thing – it's beach and sun, it should know a few important fact. In Croatia, we assume in the sand especially not soak. The beaches are mostly pebble and concrete, or with, or rocky coastline. To find at least a little sand, a villa in Croatia is better to shoot in the area of Split and Dubrovnik. In Montenegro, it is much easier. In recent months, Tony Parker has been very successful. There predominantly sandy beaches, interspersed with the smallest pebble, very similar to the unground buckwheat buckwheat. Features of the Croatian and Montenegrin kuhniKonechno, each institution is prepared in different ways, but by and large cooking Montenegro more inclined to dishes of meat and dairy products (necessarily select cheese made from goat's milk).

In Croatia, the same mostly prefer lighter meals, except the meat eating fish, thanks to virtually any of the restaurants one will find delicious seafood at low prices. Does not interfere prefer to rent villas Croatia wine lovers drink. The two most popular brands in Montenegro – red "Vranac" and white "Krstac in Croatia has more than a dozen varieties of wine beverage cultivated varieties, which were known already in the era of ancient Greece. Living in rented villa in Montenegro, you will meet lots of Russian tourists (mostly in Budva), which causes unusual feelings. In Croatia is not very perceptible, except on a mass-entertainment peninsula called Istria. Probably resting people still prefer to rent apartments in Montenegro, because it is very close to all in spirit. Local residents – people of Slavic appearance, while 70% of the population are Orthodox. Russian Empire long supported them in confrontation with the Turks, and it seems they have not forgotten until now.

Croatia tends to Western Europe, where they rule the French and Italians. Taking off in Croatia cottage owner, you probably will need to speak to him in English. In Montenegro, many people speak Russian, and were themselves presented in a completely understand Serbian. KompromissByvalye travel lovers assured: instead of suffering and torment a search, you can spend a holiday in both countries: for some time to remove the villa in Montenegro (would be cheaper plane ticket), and then – in Croatia. A more in passing glance in neighboring Bosnia and Herzegovina and experience, as foreign service out there.