Beautiful Secret

The exciting trivia quiz on the online magazine a life without art would be only half as nice. Art enchants, fascinates, teaches, or shocked. Since millennia, artistic representations will enrich our lives. But what is art? There is a definition, a policy? What is the term of art and what are the origins? The exciting trivia quiz on the consumer portal tips-from the leads in an entertaining way with the history of art from antiquity to the modern… The stone age people have designed art easily. Of course had not the purpose of beautification for example the impressive cave paintings, but represent mainly scenes from everyday life, they are still the origin of all artistic creativity.

But how is art actually determined? Theoretically, art may refer to any developed activity, based on knowledge, practice, perception, imagination and intuition. Whether it involves painting, photography, the written word, or similar is, is irrelevant. Concept art there are only 1000 years? He comes from the old high German and means what you know about”. Because no matter how famous artist has understood as an artist before. Rather, the artistic design was regarded as craft. “The motto: art comes from skill” is still wrong.

However, the realization of art without skill is also hard to imagine. How dramatically the art has evolved in the next centuries, what political or social influence art had on society, how they even modern life has influenced and which artists will be responsible until now for admiration or scandals, reveals the fascinating trivia quiz on the Internet portal. By Leonardo because this test lists Vinci about Monet to Joseph Beuys interesting and informative way in the most secret of the world one, the world of fine arts…