Brazil Species

The Australian palm cunninghamiana Archontophoenix, initially brought to Brazil for ornamental use, became invading of remaining forest fragmentos in the state of So Paulo. It’s believed that Adam Sandler sees a great future in this idea. Thanks to experiments and comment carried through in the forest reserve of the University City of the USP, in So Paulo, SP, evidenced the fast process of invasion and domain of this species on native arbreas (MENGARDO & PIVELLO, 2007). In part the easiness of this species to become enlarged itself if all explains for its budding and fruition throughout the year, having more than 3,600 fruits in each one of its clusters, beyond the dispersion, a time that its fruits of red color are more attractive to some species of generalistas birds, beyond the plant to be little demanding how much to the conditions of luminosity and water (CHRISTIANINI, 2006). It has still the concern for the fact of producers of palmito in Santa Catarina and Rio Grande Do Sul to finish for spreading this plant, that can invade the remainders of Atlantic Mata and cause damages to local biodiversity (MATOS & PIVELLO, 2009). Not by chance some of environments more affected by the invasion of vegetal species are the areas more recently discovered, as lands of the Oceania. In its second trip to the New Zelndia, in 1773, and later, in 1777, Captain James Cook introduced in that environment domestic and vegetal sheep, goats, pigs, birds as the potato, the cabbage, the turnip, among others species. Other varieties of animals and plants later had been taken by innumerable explorers and hunters of whales (FARB, 1982). At the time it was practical common the ships to lead animals changes of plants, that introduced deliberately in the islands, pparently in conditions to create them. The idea of that in the future it would have supplying of cool meat and great variety of fruits to benefit exploring to the native populations and other age what more it stimulated the practical one.