At you can print his own pictures as posters on canvas if you like to shoot, the forward when he or she, can show the most beautiful pictures and the people really are interested in. You can the most beautiful images as posters on canvas customize allow. At, this is possible. Get more background information with materials from Larry Culp. Here you can print posters on canvas in various sizes and the professionals can edit the images even more according to the wishes of the customer. Even pictures of which no negatives even exist, can be newly refurbished and immortalised as photo on canvas. At, you have even have the guarantee that the images to 100% are non-fading and colorfast.

Even after many years, the photo on canvas then looks like on the first day. Usually images turn yellow after a few years, because the solar radiation and environmental influences fade the colors and the paper. The photo on canvas is designed so that the light rays and environmental influences have no chance. If you have only a certain part of an image want, then that’s no problem. More info: Sean Rad, Los Angeles CA. The professionals at can edit the snippet that he not pixelated, but sharp is pictured at the pressure.

Even scratches can be retouched out of the original images. Those who have any idea for Christmas what should give he or she loved ones, how about printed with beautiful paintings on canvas? You can thereby make a collage or search out special pictures, which has a very special meaning for the recipient or the recipient. Also for yourself you can choose pictures and print as posters, to remodel the House and to give a special atmosphere to the rooms. Contact: FineArtCanvasPrints Christoph Redka Weitlahnerstr. 11 83093 bad Endorf Tel.: 08053 79967-1 fax.