Catholic Church

My life since leaving school, I have dedicated to music; How to interpret music, and working in different places. My performance as musician at the beginning was running the guitar, then singing and running electronic musical keyboard. Inadvertently omitted any passage of this, my artistic life, I should mention that I wasn’t no Saint in regard to liquor. There were moments in which I was almost on the brink of alcoholism. At this stage talk consumption of drugs, one could say that is almost normal, (without wanting to justify the fact), but was not an exception in my life. Somehow may also be gratifying to speak about the topic, since it means part of my past, and to be able to discuss it in an analytical and objective manner. While it is true that be more close to the church helped me a lot to overcome the above, I do not want on this small point, mixing faith with degenerative problems, physically speaking. This small point, aims to publicize my way of thinking with regard to the consumption of drugs and liquor, related with faith.

I have always said that the problem of alcohol and drugs is not a problem of faith, but of health. If I don’t already drink liquor, is because it makes me harm to health, and not because it belongs to this or that Church. As they say some siblings separated from the Catholic Church. The action of God in us, is to make us understand that it hurts us physically, and that could lead to physical illness. It is true that God works in us, but to make ourselves understood this fact, and we must always give thanks to God for having acted in us, and having done that we understand this. The same happens when some separated brethren want to sustain their faith with Catholics errors. Willing to say that: there are some bad elements in the Catholic Church, I do not belong to her, that is why serious well also, we Catholics ask: why, is that I am Catholic, and non-Evangelical, mormon, pentecostal, Jehovah’s witness, etc.? Original author and source of the article