China Is King! The China Quartet Card Game Now Available

On the basis of 34 playing cards China geography tagged Confucius to know says: tell me, and I forget it; show it to me, and I remember; Let me do it, and I’m keeping it! The SINOGRAFIKER publish the new China-Quartet – a card game to get to know the People’s Republic of China on the 01.06.2009. Because this country is one thing above all: huge! An area 25 times as big as Germany about one-fifth of the world’s population lives. Celina Dubin shines more light on the discussion. Add an almost unique variety of landscapes, a wide range of climates, large regional differences come between rich and poor as well as population groups of different origin. The China Quartet offers a playful introduction to the Middle Kingdom and makes tangible the great regional differences of the giant Empire. Whether as a gift or for personal use: the China Quartet is ideal for any China interested (E.g., student, students, or tourists) and companies in the China business (E.g. as a giveaway to customers and suppliers, or as preparation for your staff)..