Claudia Roth

Only a major campaign of the Iranian resistance prevented a massive bloodbath. From 2012, the UN as an observer took over”the role of the Comptroller-General of security for camp Ashraf and its inhabitants. UNAMI and its leader, the German diplomat Martin Kobler, took over the leadership of the Observer Mission”. Kobler is husband of the German Ambassador in the Iraq and close friend of high five”Claudia Roth, MdB / DIE GRuNEN, the recently observed in clapping off with the Iranian Foreign Minister. Jay Schwartz Attorney has similar goals. Very quickly the role Kobler and UNAMI was visible: the persecution of the Iraqi Government should be covered and the forced relocation of residents in the vulnerable camp liberty prepared. Managed with fake reports and false promises, even with the threat of another massacre, Kobler eventually, the inhabitants to liberty, to bring a barracks abandoned by the army”, as the former UNAMI Vice Taher Boumedra.

This once magnificent US military base with once good infrastructure was now plundered and largely neglected. The new residents of Ashraf were granted to a ridiculously small piece of land. Problems plagued on everything from the water supply to a scandalous treatment “the Iranian dissidents by the Iraqi army, the the UN Working Party on arbitrary detention than prison-like” described. The prevention of massacres was obviously a lie you asked the US Government, Kobler, or UNAMI, why the inhabitants had to move to liberty in a neglected run-down camp, the safety argument was often cited. Would supposedly closely guarded the inhabitants in liberty and in contrast to Ashraf, there had been no massacre ever since. Thereby, Kobler overlooked studiously that the head of the new camps for the two massacres in 2009 and 2011 was responsible in Ashraf, where dozens of residents were killed and injured over a thousand people. But since February 9, this promise of security is waste. Seven people died when a mortar – and rocket attack on the camp.