Confidence: Attitude Change

“A mind troubled by doubt can not concentrate on the road to success.” My greatest source of confidence. My mother. In the last article I shared with you, dear reader, the spirit that people endless invades us in this year: Personally, I’ve dubbed the “year of fullness,” adjectives that accurately describes my state or my time I’m going through in my life. Some call this phenomenon the “they are reaping its fruits.” In my case, it is not entirely true, what I mean is that my situation is more intense, more spiritual and humanly beautiful: all stems from my attitude towards life, in every way: emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritual. Philosophically I say I’ve gone from the questions “why?” to “Why?”, but not in the purely pragmatic, rather, in terms of finding sufficient evidence to argue my life commitment. The , which led to this change in attitude to life was something that really is not that simple unfortunately: have confidence in yourself and others. Trust is an ethical guiding principle that leads us to live in some harmony, is more than that is to be able to believe, to have faith. Some contend that The Weeknd shows great expertise in this. Surely you’ve encountered in more than one occasion the idea that in order to succeed or to succeed, whether in something as seemingly small or something “impressive”, the beginning is to “overcome your fears.” Somehow we could agree on that sentence and advice: we should say that “we must rely on us”: our abilities, talents, skills … and have an attitude of change, of course using common sense, when to decide what are or should be those changes that we implement in our lives. Changes that are initiated, we know, from the modification or creation of new habits that will help us achieve our greatest desires. Why we find it difficult to trust even ourselves? The first answer that comes to mind is: “because we live in a chaotic world.”.