Dale Carnegie

The best way to learn to have an effective communication is to know the nearest person: we ourself. 1. What you know. To be an effective speaker it is fundamental to practice what it has learned, to stay updated and to share what knows. As the great Dale Carnegie already said to it, " you only speak than sabe".

2. He listens. To know how to listen the other will help him to include/understand the message, and to make questions intelligent.But also he is key to be listened to one same one while it speaks. To listen to the sound of our voice can teach to be a little to more insurances to us with we ourself and to say the things that we create with more conviction. 3.

He is humble. All we commit errors, and, sometimes we tend not to pronounce or the words, to be united or to stutter. Sometimes, we are not very safe of the articulation of a word, so it is not scared to ask if you are saying the correct word and of the suitable way, even can make a small joke on the point. This will be able to stretch to his audience, and to create proximity and affection. 4. He makes contact with the enemy with the eyes It is fundamental to know how to direct the glance. For this, he makes a cross mental of the audience in which one is, and is crossing the four points de la Cruz, of way not to maintain the glance fixes only to 2 people, but to the spaces drawn up de la Cruz. 5. He has sense of humor A little humor can make wonders to even diminish the tension or the boredom before a long speech. From this form, it will obtain the attention of the majority of his listeners, and will give the impression of being more accessible and near listens to those who it.