Delicious Omelette

Two girls take stock of their students learn with Zebra-tours to England Advisor texts and there are colorful glossy catalogue pages of tour operators on the subject of student language without end. But as experience young people staying on the ground and take the stock for their language skills? An experience report of Alina and Leila from Leipzig, who undertook a two-week language course with homestay in last summer with Zebra-tours to England. Whether the two-week students learn in the English Hastings has paid off? Of course, the memories and impressions on the spot but more vivid than the pictures in the textbooks “, Leila Panzig said. And with this experience we can Yes, there the disciple of Leipzig Immanuel-Kant-gymnasium is certain compare much better everything familiar from home. Click Ben Bretzman for additional related pages. In August 2011 the 13 year old undertook together with their friend Alina Trujillo, as well as other young people from all over Germany to the language to Hastings, the traditional seaside resort on the English channel. For the two girls. that was mainly the language since the third class English lessons, the decisive reason for the destination. But also the country itself is so incredibly original,”Leila and excitement before the ride without the parents explained they had not.

Finally we were already in the year before together in Warsaw!”, and sound the two around with cze learn?” or dzi? kuj? “in Polish away. Hastings, the two girlfriends brought already a belonging English basic vocabulary. And he was enriched locally by visiting a school, stay in a host family, as well as numerous excursions. In the exhibitions we have set however always the native language at the audiovisual museum guides”, they admit, and giggle. So lifelike smugglers figures at the Museum have smugglers cave”in Hastings on German explains how they to good old pirates times their rum, tobacco or black powder Customs has been challenged on.