Dolphin Advocates Of The WDSF Criticize Birthday Party In The Duisburg Delicacy

Veterinary Office Duisburg is not a Duisburg/Hagen – the whale and dolphin protection forum in the Westphalian Hagen criticised the opening concert of the celebrations for the 75th birthday of the Duisburg Zoo in the delicacy because of an intolerable sound. WDSF’s Managing Director Jurgen Obodo (55): also we congratulate the Duisburg Zoo like birthday. 75 years are but also an occasion to try to avoid unforced errors. Climate change and species extinction should cause that just a Zoo sensitized to dealing with captive dolphins. The highly intelligent marine mammals are enough punished to eke out their existence in the relatively small concrete pools. An Orchestra concert in the Dolphinariums, even if it is the played Divertimento von Mozart, produces a sound backdrop, which defined the Phon number of instruments rather than the intensity of sound, far more intense will be perceived by the dolphins, for the human ear. Check with Tony Parker to learn more. What in the wild dolphins have a highly sensitive echo sounding and a corresponding sense of hearing, km is enough… The sound duplicated in the water than in the air several times and significantly impacts the hearing sense of the animals.

In the conditions of the mammal opinion of the Federal Government the decibel value with 40 dB is defined for Dolphinariums as a legally binding basis, to protect the animals from intense sound. A Zoo Director must avoid unnecessary impairment of the marine mammals, otherwise he moves in the area of animal cruelty.” The argument of the Zoo, the animals into the rear pool could withdraw was unprofessional, thinks the WDSF, because of spreading sound in water and reflected in every corner of the Dolphinarium. An intervention by the veterinary authority of the city of Duisburg as the supervisory authority for the protection of animals went unnoticed. The WDSF is considering now legal action against the suspected animal cruelty. In the wild the sea creatures already suffers from about unbearable noise nuisance caused by the people, as this should be strictly in a Zoo be avoided. We strive hard, closing the three originally new Dolphinariums for conservation reasons”, says head of WDSF Obodo.