Dolphin Glue

The only thing that we do not recommend – it is use of the 'Absolute' in places where the glue joint is always under water. For this purpose very well suited to our company's next product – a mixture of glue 'Dolphin'. Add to your understanding with san-antonio-spurs. As the name implies, this adhesive was originally developed laying tile in the pools, but during testing we were convinced that it is also ideal for decorative fountains decorating a tile or stone. The grounds on which one can but to put 'Dolphin', adding plasterboard and gypsum surface, as well as an opportunity to stick the new tiles over the old one. True, before producing the last of the listed types of work, you must make sure the strength of the old tile. Feature of this adhesive composition can be noted its high ice-bone, water resistance, improved fracture toughness and toughness. 'Dolphin' has proved to be excellent when used in places subject to rapid oscillations baniyam temperature (facades, balconies, terraces, 'warm' flooring).

Last, to date, development, published in serial production – perfect blend of 'assembly'. Thanks to an increased fixing properties, it is broad to apply for laying slabs of large size and weight of natural stone, marble and granite. The grounds on which this is applied with glue, so diverse that their transfer may take several pages of text. Note only metal, plasterboard, gypsum base, as well as the surface of the slate and the old tiles (with the same precautions as for the 'Dolphin'). To summarize, we allow ourselves some guidance on the selection of the necessary adhesive composition for those who are going to conduct construction work, but are not yet familiar with the products of the brand 'Socrates': Internal works – perfect blend of 'builder'; Internal and external works under the peak of laying ceramic tile, products from natural and artificial stone – perfect blend of 'Absolute', laying ceramic tile, natural and artificial stone in the ground, Sub-DC's cast to water and temperature change – a mixture of glue 'Dolphin'; Tiling of large size and weight for any reason in any climatic conditions – a mixture of glue 'installation'..