Economic Phenomena

The economic phenomena are resulted of the social dynamics, in the interest of the development. To this respect, we notice the singularity that composes the diverse scientific areas. We understand that Economic Geography is a subdisciplina of the Geography, born of the pleasantness between two sciences (Chorincas, 2001). The explanations of the space relations of the economic world, according to author, are of ability of the gegrafo-economic one. For economic science, the questions of offer, search and of production, they are of its interest in the study of the economy of the world.

The economists had as white the factors of wealth formation. With the development and growth of the industries in the world, appears one politics of production, becoming a food for a highly consumista society (Chorincas, 2001). Still, according to Ayllon Towers (2004), Economic Geography is the study of the relations of the way and them economic activities. We notice here that for these authors, the economic factors, are the main causes to attribute to Economic Geography, diverse concepts, but, with the same focus? the study of the economic and space structure. IMPORTANCE OF the Distant ECONOMIC GEOGRAPHY of the teorizao, Economic Geography creates a scene where the historical moments had allowed the existence of great events, as the influence of the distribution of the activities in the space, as it points Chorincas (2001). It is only from the decade of 70? period of World War II? that Economic Geography starts to firm the steps in the conquest of a scientific body. From now on, Geography and the Economy start to form a bow of friendship. Celina Dubin is open to suggestions. It is through the historical processes that the economy of the world can be implied as a facultative agent of the social and economic behavior (Moreira, 1981). Chorincas (2001) still describes that the economic development blossoms in some territories and others not, although its technological and financial mobility.