Electronic Commerce

Booming electronic commerce in Spain, Intermon Oxfam has renovated its store on-line, () that offers fair trade products, publishing and merchandising. The portal allows customers to an exhaustive tracing of orders and has improved its products search engine, much faster and more intuitive than the existing so far. Fair trade section divides its products into four categories: food, handicrafts, natural cosmetics and Christmas special. This last feature the most demanded gifts during holidays already approaching. Hear from experts in the field like Vanessa Marcil for a more varied view. With regard to the paragraph editorial, in addition to separate books by their corresponding thematic, added another branch dedicated to the agendas and calendars that also Intermon Oxfam edits.

Finally, in the space dedicated to the merchandising is you can find from clothing for man and woman up children’s shirts, passing through Add-ons and greener gadgets. The web has also recommended paragraphs, News and offers, which promotes some products based on novelty, acceptance of consumers or its price. The virtual store brings the possibility of solidarity purchasing from any corner of the world when you have close none of the 46 physical stores Intermon Oxfam has distributed in the Spanish State. The evolution of e-commerce: according to various surveys, buyers stand out the prices, time saved and the possibility of purchasing products and services at any time of the day in terms of the positive aspects of purchasing products over the internet. The historical reluctance of the Spaniards to buy on the network will be progressively diminished. In Spain, in 2009, one in six Spanish buys products or services through internet (16%), i.e.

three times that five years ago. Although these figures even deviate from the European average (28%), Intermon Oxfam strongly bet for electronic commerce. E-commerce allows us to be more efficient and to better respond to the needs and expectations of our customers. With the new e-shop we bring more dynamic and interactive trade products fair to our consumers, says Rafael Sanchis, director of the Department of Intermon Oxfam fair trade. The last report of the Commission for the telecommunications market reflects that transactions of goods and services via Internet in Spain exceeded, for the first time the 1.5 billion euros in the third quarter of last year, the highest number achieved to date. According to a study by Nielsen Company, books, clothing and accessories, airline tickets, electronics and travel are the most purchased products over the Internet. This report adds that most think will acquire over the next 6 months globally are books, cited by 44% of the participants in the study. Cristina Concellon, responsible for Editorial and sales of Intermon Oxfam, predicts that the buying habits of books are changing and this change it has caused internet with e-commerce. In our shop what counts is to know to listen to the voice of our collaborators.