Errors Solution

These simple tips might help you manage better their mistakes and those of people who are related to you. 1 Be aware that things rarely go as they were planned. I am an expert in elaboration of projects and budgets, and I can assure you that the best budget, will always be wrong, but if it is well elaborated, will be close to the achieved result. However things are not as they had anticipated and should be modified or abandoned quickly to reduce the negative influence of adverse outcome. Handle the frustration that results when something fails, learn from the experience.

Learning is not a failure. 2. When you have a problem, check to see if you know the solution, in this case, apply it and if you don’t know it, remember that worry and fret nor solves it. Stress widely affects people, reduces their ability to react, think and act in a difficult situation seek help, expand its menu of options, consider what can be done and if finally has no solution, wait without fret, without assaulting others or find guilty, over time some things change and the solution will come. 3. If it is something not well, it is not always a failure. All decisions have a high probability of being wrong or be right, as well as to succeed in a decision important to be does not guarantee success, be wrong nor is a failure. Be aware that success depends on that would take many decisions and that the effect of them more than of which tomas mistakenly.

4. The violence and aggression are not the best way to react to a problem. A loss is not compensated by other large or representative that it is for the party which considers guilty of what happened, react with violence, assault, insult, shout or any other similar expression, not solve and rather often makes things worse.