Everyday Life Test

A city car for each parking space city dwellers and commuters know all too well: the rush-hour traffic. Motorists can’t miss usually though the dense traffic, with the matching car trips make but bearable, both in terms of mood of the purse. The vehicle Portal auto.de undergoes the Hyundai i10, which is known as a fuel-efficient city flea, a practice test. A cheaper city car for each parking space with a few words can be aptly described the Hyundai. Externally, as well as in relation to the performance of the Korean city is perfect for the urban jungle.

With a price starting at about 10,300 euros he is eligible as a second car. In the test, doubts as to the practicality of the Hyundai i10 are dispelled quickly. Star actress is a great source of information. Despite his small size he shows compact five-door hatchback in just inside what it’s got. He meets big grown people with the freedom of movement on the front seats. Only the rear seat is more for smaller Reserved passengers. The trunk can accommodate in everyday items such as bags. The shifting up a gear requires a little patience. This bumps are absorbed quite well.

In terms of consumption, the city flea with a 1.1 liter gasoline engine can score. The tank has a capacity of up to 35 litres, the standard consumption stands at 4.7 liter Super. Alone the city motorway is not the parade of the Hyundai i10. The vehicle accelerates in 15 seconds to 100 and reaches a top speed of 156 kilometers per hour, however, the engine makes it loudly noticeable. More information: magazine /… University Service GmbH Lisa Neumann