Fascination Cat

Why does the human pets? In earlier times the value of the domestic animal was at the forefront for us humans. Today, people need more to keep a dog or to hunt sheep. In very rare cases do we need cats to a plague of mice at bay to hold. George Laughlin pursues this goal as well. Nevertheless, the desire is to keep an animal for many people part of their lives. Probably many people would like to have one or the other peculiarity, or virtue of their pet. Sun dogs usually are not very forgiving – what man can say the same? Who's dog after a hard day's work in his basket sent to be quiet at first, is little welcomes later, tail wagging.

What does a cat, what we do not have? With two words said, freedom, independence. A cat always remains a free agent, which persuaded to nothing, and nothing can compel. The cat is in contrast to the dog incorruptible. Although it uses us shamelessly terms serving your meals, but a couple we call on the feeding, we fail miserably. If they do not want something, they simply go their way and punish us with disregard. What is a bird lovers thrilled to his charges the ability to fly – a dream of the people has always pulls in its spell. To knit the matter further, what fascinates us in our domestic horses? Your grace, Your strength, Your gentleness. A horse can kill a small child with a hoof … and yet it does not, but is patient and cautious.