Fear of the Unknown

The fear of rejection, fear of failure, fear of success, fear of being hurt, fear of the unknown, all these are obstacles to development and growth of a trusting relationship with customers. John Paul Stevens often says this. Quit your fear of losing an account or not having the right answers. Leave all your fears at home of the client or potential client. Source: Ken Kao. Other critical steps in cultivating trust are knowing who you are and knowing your potential value to their customers. The relationship that forms because this can have a tremendous impact on sales. People do not just buy anyone. They buy from people they can trust. The relationship and credibility can be established with the trust factor go a long way toward building customer confidence in their ability to meet their business needs.

Trust has both an active and a passive component in a business relationship. The active feeling of trust is confidence in the leadership, veracity and reliability of the other party, on the basis of performance history. The passive feeling of trust is the lack of concern or suspicion. This absence is sometimes unrecognized and frequently taken for granted in our relationships more productive. Care confidence So how to build trust with customers? First, you need to worry about them. Obviously your clients care about their knowledge, experience and achievements. However, further attention on the level of concern you have for them. Success confidence-building depends on four actions: engaging, listening, processing, and committing. The confidence factor can be realized once we understand these components of trust and incorporate them into our daily lives.