Federal District

Electronic commerce in Mexico has increased in recent years and although this already has more than one decade in our country can say that it is still in development, but as everything new always cause uncertainty until a legal framework is not reliable it is necessary to go forward in the construction of one. The companies and institutions that benefit from this to be able to attract more market-driven. In recent years in our country have changed laws and organizations have been created to increase confidence in people who made purchases over the network. On 29 May 2000 they reformed and added various provisions of the Civil Code for the Federal District in common matters and for the entire Republic in federal matters, the Federal Code of civil procedure, the code of Commerce and the Federal law of protection to the consumer. All with the purpose of the special arrangements for the operations of electronic commerce, that is, commercial transactions where the parties interact making use of electronic technologies, particularly networks of computers. Items that have been modified or added within the Federal protection law consumer were article 16, article 17, article 18 bis, which reference on good uses must be information that providers and companies have about their consumers, such information should be shared only if it is approved by the consumer or by any legal order, likewise make knowledge of the consumer with whom and how you have shared that information, among other things. Also, in the year 2000 added a new article that makes direct reference to electronic commerce which is article 76 bis in which dictates in paragraph 1 that may not make use of the customer information unless this authorization of legal form, in the same way the provisions of paragraph 2 undertakes to the provider to protect the information of the consumer with technical elements to be able to complete the transaction reliably and before this provider runs you must provide all the information so that the client can communicate with him where you have to make any claim or clarification, this in subsection 3 and 4 says that they must avoid the deceptive practices on the products that are offered in the 5 and 6 points out that the consumer must perfectly know the terms of purchase as well as to comply with the quantities that this I request and finally in paragraph 7 refers to the bad practices of strategy and advertising, having avoided these, especially when in the case of vulnerable populations such as children, cornflowers, sick, etc., etc. .