It turns out, the more you draw, the more ideas come to mind:) We will share and new ideas and previously painted pictures. Thus, the prepared finger paints, drawing paper and forth! Begin to draw. TREES paints palm green, make a few prints on a sheet and get the crown of the tree. Now dorisuem fingers trunk and the tree is ready. You can even embellish yablochkamii. And if you make prints of only the palms at the center, then are obtained are generally very neat trees. You can only draw fingers twigs, even if they are not exactly equal, then we can draw a tree, bending from the wind. BIRDIE Again, plaster paints her hands and then do a few prints, but the fingers are joined together, one can still hold them down a bit to lengthen the mark, then turns the visibility of feathers.

Then head dorisovyaem fingers, beak and eyes. You can also paws. Bird is ready. You can try another option. Again paints the palm, making prints, but fingers are not joined together. Fingers do dots on feathers, you can still cop to finish;) Now draw a swan. It is generally easy. Making an imprint of horizontally, and the second slant.

It's wings. Now fingers dorisovyvaem neck, head and beak. So it turns a beautiful bird;) FISH smeared her hands with paints and make one imprint, keep your fingers together. Fingers make prints, to get the tail. Now fingers are doing the point, it scales. You can draw the waves as you are interested:) Yes, another glazik, finlets (which we somehow missed: () corner of his fingers and fish … already floats;) Combining all the elements, we get a picture here: