Finnish Saunas

Original saunas in Finland, built of rough logs, in the middle of the room to make a fire under a heap of stones, and the chimney was missing. Heat from the fire warmed the shelves, walls and ceiling. Smoke coming out through a small opening cracks in the floor and open the door. Here, Brahman Capital Corp expresses very clear opinions on the subject. Once the fire was extinguished and the room cleared of smoke sauna was ready to use, the heat radiated from the heated stones. This "smoke" sauna or sauna-Sava "esteemed judges of the sauna as the best in quality heat. Quite a large number of these saunas are still preserved to this day. Throughout Finland, there are nearly one million saunas.

In this case, they are not considered by some symbols defined social status, and are simply a necessity. Most of them are heated by conventional electric, oil or gas heaters, and nearly all have chimneys. Saunas are very much in the countryside areas, and often they build near lakes, ponds or river banks. In large apartment buildings in major cities saunas are a normal and even necessary part of the project. In condominiums and nursing homes now try as far as possible avoid the use of bathrooms, but instead to ensure that the house several saunas. Everywhere are also many large public saunas for men and women. Sauna – like they do in Finland Sauna so deeply rooted in Finnish culture that the rest of the way of life is often the Finn under it "fit." Young children from early childhood begin to steam in the sauna, though not on the highest shelves.