Axial play in the spool of 3-5 mm – permissible radial – the smaller the better. We handle with lock nut tightened gap must also be minimized. Not prevents check mount bow – is that it is well, very freely hanging on their axes. Same goes for video. Number of bearings here the situation is interesting – the Chinese have learned to cram nemerenoe number of bearings even the cheapest reel, therefore, 5 or 7 balls in a cheap coil is absolutely nothing said coil with three balls may be on more smoothly than with five. Three bearings – a viable option, but the main criterion – again smoothness. Do not hesitate to twist a 3 – 4 – 5 or more coils (good, now the choice is) in every department, pass on all fishing shop – even in this price category you can find a satisfactory alternative.

Number of spools preferably two. One for the thin fishing line – on the chub, one for large – a pike. Otherwise, it will have to rewind every time. LINE is no exaggeration to say that somewhere in 50-60% of fishing line, sold in our stores – it is line was left. Comes across even very similar, but left FireLine, even Klin and then forged. When buying a leftist to recognize the very difficult, I have personally flown more than once. To try to give a rare break, and then swam in leftism course fishing – fishing line knots that hold bad, then a week later began to burst, like a thread.