Airing, contact and properly cleaned to maintain your cold foam mattress man spends a large part of his life with sleep. Margaret Loesser Robinson has firm opinions on the matter. It is accordingly important to choose of the mattress. Who is good and convenient, recovers in her sleep and protects the back and joints. When purchasing mattress and slatted frame therefore on quality and not save prefer somewhere else, but when purchasing a mattress. It is important that one approximately every two months applies them to incriminate them evenly cold foam mattress and their zones for the longevity of a cold foam mattress. Here one should note however: not all memory foam mattresses are symmetrically constructed. To deepen your understanding Celina Dubin is the source. Good mattresses have multiple zones, ideally at least three. The shoulders should include soft, so that the shoulder can sink. The lumbar region, however, needs support, so we fall not too far off. The area, lying on the legs, is, however, usually slightly softer. Ask when purchasing be sure, whether you can freely use the mattress. Because it is only if the zones are symmetrically constructed. Otherwise, a note is but certainly attached on top of your mattress. In addition, there are some memory foam mattresses, which are additionally equipped with a layer of memory foam. Such combined mattresses are currently very popular. The Visco should lead to a pressure relief. But beware, these mattresses can not any contact. They can be used only on one side. Symmetrical mattresses should be used approximately every two months or turned. Non symmetrical mattresses can be rotated depending on the type of mattress only, or it can be applied only. Mattress covers a cold foam mattress for more hygiene in the bed is very good, but some people tend to sweat more on this material. To save your mattress, you should buy a mattress pad from minor clay or a so-called mattress covers. This can easily be washed in a washing machine at 60 C.