Free Visits

Your web site has a good design, you already have the business idea, but there are no visitors and’re saying yourself that without traffic you go astray, I would like to share with you the way to direct traffic to your web site. There are about 50 methods that you can use, but I’m going to mention 4. When I need traffic to my web site as soon as we can use the free marketing methods. Why? Well, first because they are free. Secondly, they are forever. What do I mean by that?. Free methods are those that will be there forever.

Unlike paid advertising, which is only visible on the Internet for the period of time that you are paying for them.After that they are no longer. These are the free commercial methods to attract traffic to your website: 1. the article marketing. In my personal opinion the article marketing is very powerful and effective. Starts writing articles about topics related to your topic and send to the major directories of articles or similar to yours, themed blogs using some keywords and phrases of relevant words. Keep a brief but informative article. Enough to awaken the curiosity of the reader who wants to know more, this way will visit your website.

You can include a link to your site in the last paragraph. If the article write you in a place with authority and it is good, will have impact in the blogosphere as well as the benefit of the backlink for positioning in search engines. 2. Video production. Another method of free marketing that I use when I need traffic to my web site is video production. As well as the commercialization of the article, but with moving images and audio.Both Google as the people love the videos. Make a short video about a related business topic and adds the keywords.