French Minister Cobbler

Seeds are delivered from its Arabia Felix. Tree like euonymus, but leaves are thicker and stiffer forever green. Infusion drink for strengthening the stomach, to initiate digestion of blockages and tumors of the liver and spleen. " However, the coffee showed up yet one enemy – the doctors. Many doctors of that time tried to rebel against the 'terrible passions and a tyrannical habits' to drink coffee. Some even claimed that this drink reduces the life of the French Minister Cobbler allegedly burned himself stomach, using coffee during the night work, that some princess died of coffee, which caused the abscess in the stomach one hundred that the Flemish governor, a lover of the drink, there were sores on her arm.

In the 18 century, one French scientist commissioned to establish a 'poison' kills more: coffee or tea. He received permission to perform experiments on death-row criminals – twin brothers. One prisoner began to give daily three cups of tea, another – three cups of coffee. First lived to 70 years, and the second – up to 80. Scientists do not drink no tea, no coffee, and died before the end of the experiment on the 62-year life. Soon the coffee appeared competent counsel.

Scientist Carl Linnaeus in his book on the coffee, said: 'Drink this strengthens the womb, helps the stomach to the cooked food, clogged the interior cleans, warms the belly. " And what would have been accused of coffee by his enemies, appearing in Europe, His Majesty quickly gained universal acceptance. Already in 1646 opened the first cafe in Venice, a few years later – in London, then to Marseille. But across Europe coffee was spread from Paris. There, in 1672 opened the first public cafe – the famous 'Prokotio', which later became a favorite meeting place of Voltaire and Diderot. The role of coffee in the lives of great men. Voltaire, in a conversation with your doctor about the benefits and dangers of coffee said: 'For 80 years, as I have this poison baiting. " K Incidentally, Voltaire '' to 84 years of age, drinking an average of 50 cups a day. Johann Strauss said that the inspiration needed to open the piano, silence and a cup of coffee: from the coffee flavor is born music that will hear the silence, and a grand piano to realize it. Coffee inspired by Johann Sebastian Bach on the creation of 'Coffee Cantata' at number 211. The great novelist Honore de Balzac wrote that after a cup of coffee 'breaks out all thoughts crowd as the Grand Army battalion in the battlefield. " It is estimated that in writing 'Human Comedy', he drank approximately 15,000 cups of coffee. Balzac lived for 51 years, but still remains a mystery whether he died early, because drinking a lot of coffee, or, conversely, held out so much, because he drank. Crowned lady also revered coffee: French king Louis xv only personally brewed some coffee, Empress Catherine ii preferred Concentrated coffee – one cup of roughly 80 grams of beans. Renowned scientist Ilya Mechnikov in papers devoted to aging of the organism, described the man to 114 years and consumed coffee for at least 40 times a day. Metchnikoff stressed: 'To bring coffee enjoyment and benefit, it should drink'.