Garden Living Room

You want something present and are looking for the optimal projector? You should pay attention to what… Now again begins the time of public viewings in the gardens, living rooms, and conference rooms. People meet again often for common events, be it personal or even professional. The core idea is the shared experience of a football game, a presentation or just from the last holiday pictures. What is this note? Public viewing means that all guests can see a picture or a movie.

This is possible only with a larger image. Images in appropriate size of projectors can be projected on a wall or screen. A feeling as in the theater or stadium is built for the spectators. The Beamer is suitable? Distinction is made on the basis of their light output projector. The Lichtleisung is called lumen (ANSI). The higher the value, the larger the light output. Darkened rooms, e.g. home, small video projector with a light output from 1500 lumens suitable for.

Larger rooms with natural daylight, however, already require Beamer with a brightness of 2500 lumens and larger, to achieve a good quality image. A projector with a light output is required for large spaces with daylight or public viewings in the garden of 3500 lumens and above. Public viewings are served by projectors with a light output of up to 20,000 lumens on large squares or in stages. How much is a projector? The price usually varies in the light output. The higher the light output, the higher the price. There is even a small video projector with a light line of 500 lumens for a correspondingly small price. The quality of these devices is to be desired however. Devices in this category can project only a small picture in very low light intensity. It is suitable in a fully darkened room. Devices with high light output, however, quickly cost several thousand euros.