Geometry So

So that it exists, it is necessary that work of art if separates, that resigns to the thought, that enters in the extension, is necessary that the form measures and characterizes the space. Margaret Loesser Robinson contains valuable tech resources. It is on our eyes and under our hands as a species of invasion in a world that nothing has in common with it, not to be the excuse of the image in the said arts of imitation. In the images, of the details, everything is related to the form. For FOCILLON (1983), the proper nature also creates forms, prints in the objects of that it is made and in the forces with that they liven up to figures and symmetries to them, makes and it so well that many times impress in seeing them in it the workmanship of a god artist, inventor of combinations. The fastest waves most tenuous and possess its form. The organic life draws spirals, spheres, meandros and stars.

It studied if it would be for the form and the amount that it is known. But from the movement where these figures intervine in the space of the art and its particular substances, them they acquire a new value and they form unknown original systems entirely. Then we can consider, that the forms are what delimits a space, giving volume or adornment to one determined element. Everything that is visible and was created one day has one determined form, either artistic it or functional, of whom it is limited will be its form in the essence. 1,2 Geometry So that if it can arrive at a concept on geometry and know it better, is necessary to know as it is formed etimologicamente, where it constitutes physically and as it appeared. Geometry is defined as a branch of the mathematics that studies the forms, plain and space, with its properties. Geometry is supported on some axioms, postulates, definitions, theorem and corollaries.