German Friedrich Nietzsche

Friedrich Nietzsche said: nothing more hypocritical than the Elimination of hypocrisy. When the German Friedrich Nietzsche philosopher cited that thought, perhaps thought that the hypocrites who refuse to own hypocrisy. To identify a hypocrite there are some essential points: 1. never tell you the things in front, not what they really think, even when they are with you they say that want you and tell you what you want to hear. 2. Usually people are very bitter, with much resentment and lack of self-worth, never withstand that someone is better than them in any category. 3.

They are people who need the attention and gain notoriety, by his great need for recognition and a great lack of own acceptance. 4. Never are they glad sincerely the achievements of your friends, however are very charismatic people and they can give the image of kindness. 5 Always talk behind your back and handling information that have previously had access, even in your own circle of friends. 6 When they are with you, you’re the best, the most good person, you are an Idol for them.

They are all compliments when you’re with them. The typical Wolf in sheep skin. 7. A hypocrite ever say is that who has done wrong you, which is what a true friend would do in the event that you were. 8. Always try to hurt, with the information that you yourself have given you and you can be drinking coffee with you, but inside his heart, there is only bitterness. 9. Does not accept other people succeed, and if so is somewhat murky why did obtain it and undertakes to disseminate with changes and inventions that suit him. 10 Only be friends with a person full of hypocrisy you wears, because they do not achieve their inner peace, have too much bitterness in his heart. 11 Hypocrite who says appreciate you while looking for ways to hurt you and show you negatively to others, to feel judge and Savior of a cause, the hypocrites are incapable of love. 12. Never a hypocritical person will be a quiet person, always lives and dies looking as damaging to those who surround them. 13. The hypocritical person is always reminding you sincere, good and bright it is. If a star does not need to announce that it gives light, an honest person nor need it. 14. The hypocrites present themselves as saints. If they are discovered in a lie always they have an excuse or story to explain it, even if it is somewhat pointless and unimportant tend to have enough imagination to invent things. 15. The hypocrites are always fast and punctual when it comes to point out mistakes in others and do not tend to take responsibility for their own mistakes. They are always protagonists of a double discourse. 16. The hypocrites often make too much noise. Do something huge in any detail, they need to show much, constantly talking ill of others, talking about praise themselves and the person you are at that moment. Imperatively strive to announce what they do and how spectacular that are. They try to give a good printing by all possible means, albeit trampling others. The list could go on, but these points will be enough to identify fully, if you are a victim of the hypocrisy of who claims to be your friend.