Great Architect

Once recovered, I raised my voice, and said: Desgraciado me if I reveal the great mysteries! Unlucky me. But, I feel at once that something must be done, in the absence of a holy temple to house our silence, something to do, to sacred things entrusted to us, not lost in the mists of oblivion, this is the reason for your presence, men and brethren, what shall we do? All initiates were silent. After a while, one of the congregation, called Rabbi Abba, got up and going to where I was, there was this: a Puedo say a few words with your permission, Grand Master, I ask: Is not that secrets written belong to those who obey? And we who are gathered at this time, we do not obey the Great Architect of the Universe? Are we not already initiated into the secrets of the Temple? With these words, Rabbi Abba, turned his eyes to the rest of the disciples, they bowed their heads in approval and pledged to keep secret everything that happens at the meeting. Then they made a circle around me, placed his hands with mine, and solemnly raised with me the sign of brotherhood toward the sky. Read additional details here: Hedi Hricak. After performing the prayer circle, I called the disciple Eleazar and I did sit in front of me, then I asked the rabbi Abba that she would adopt the other side. Then I said: a Formamos the triangle, which is the primary model of all that exists, we represent the gate of the temple and its two columnas.a Then I stayed quiet and everyone respected my silence.