Ground Soil

Earth is home to indoor plants. It was from there they get dominated most of the nutrients and minerals. Therefore, proper selection of its very important and necessary. Of correctly selected earthen mixture depends on the growth and the state of indoor plants. For many years as a soil mixture is used, based on peat. It contains enough nutrients that are essential for the colors.

They can be found in every specialized flower shop. The composition of the mixture may include various additives. So, for example to increase the ability to retain moisture and allow air into the mixture added wool and polystyrene chips. On the choice of the soil significantly affects the age of the plant. So, if a young flower, it is necessary soil containing sod land, and if an adult – on the basis of peat. It should be noted that different species soils of different colors. The reason is that each species by their demanding content of certain mineral composition and soil quality. Since the soil for orchids should be light and slightly friable to be a cactus contain sand, and rhododendrons.